10 Best SEO Blogs & Bloggers to Follow in 2024

November 11, 2023
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‍Why read SEO blogs? They are a wealth of practical insights, recommendations for top instruments and practices, real reviews, and feedback from industry leaders. In other words, they are the source of knowledge both for industry beginners and managers with experience. However, there are lots of SEO bloggers and blogs that are a waste of time. And the worst thing is that they can give tips that will lead you and your business to inferno.

Best SEO Blogs

‍To help you stay on the safe side, we’ve assembled a list of top 10 SEO blogs that can help you keep abreast of industry news, techniques, and better rankings. Shall we dive in?

List of Best SEO Blogs: Top 10 Resources for Your Feed

‍Please remember that there are way more than these 10 blogs on SEO. You are not limited to the list below. However, these are your must-haves to feel like a fish in water.

1. SEMrush

‍The main objective of this blog is to deliver unbiased materials that cover an extended list of SEO-centered subjects. From here, readers can learn how to make the first steps in SEO, how to search keywords, track ranking, or start a link-building campaign. The blog by SEMrush is loved for its creators delivering meaningful materials, while SEMrush itself is chosen for its multifunction marketing toolkit for those engaged in content and SEO.

‍SEMrush publications appear daily. Their content is readable and contains explanatory graphics when needed for more techy topics on HTTPS, API, or schema markups. In plain words, it’s one of the top SEO blogs to follow in 2024.

NB. As of now, the SEMrush blog has the following categories: studies, video content, editor’s choice, insights from industry leaders, SEO publications, marketing data, and news. The subscription feature is here, too.


Best SEO Blogs

‍ is a platform favored by businesses for providing backlink packages for those who are looking for ways to improve their Google ranking. Their team finds the net of top relevant web pages and helps to generate backlinks that boost a web portal’s traffic within months or even weeks. But they aren’t a team that’s blindly selling their packages or concentrating on revenue only.

‍ has created a blog with publications on improving web pages’ SEO and raising domain authority. allows readers to find new publications and alter their SEO campaigns accordingly regularly.

NB. As of now, the blog offers categories like SEO articles, SEO research, SEO tools, and other guide readers through the industry’s best SEO practices and instruments. Subscription is free.

3. Ahrefs

‍Ahrefs is often characterized as the top 1 SEMrush competitor for powerful keyword research or competitor analysis toolkits. Indeed, they both are vigorous services, and so are their SEO blogs. Compared to its nearest competitors (SEMrush), the blog by Ahrefs generates profound SEO industry studies, clear-sighted tips supported by statistics, tutorials with visuals, and SEO news.

‍You are less likely to find frequent publications on Ahrefs: the platform delivers new materials once or twice per week, since its focus is quality rather than quantity. What’s more, Ahrefs has a YouTube channel, with new videos appearing every two weeks. This is probably the best visual SEO resource.

NB. As of now, the Ahrefs blog offers general SEO information, link-building insights, marketing materials, data and studies, guidelines, and articles or tutorials on Ahrefs product updates. The subscription is available for free.


‍AIOSEO (All In One SEO) is a popular plugin used by small to medium businesses and marketing managers to assist them with boosting their SE rankings and driving more high-quality traffic. Plugin creators didn’t limit themselves to this, they also developed their SEO blog, which is commonly described as value-packed.

‍The key reason why the AIOSEO SEO blog is named one of the best SEO blogs is that all of its featured tips and recommendations are time-tested and proven. Moreover, here you will find different tutorials on starting small business blogs, adding schema on WordPress, and more.

NB. As of now, the All In One SEO blog offers SEO trends, WordPress tutorials, and 420 articles that help businesses grow faster. Users can subscribe to their weekly rundown of SEO tips and receive them directly to their inbox.

5. Search Engine Land

‍Search Engine Land is chosen by regular marketing managers and even the best SEO bloggers. It doesn’t act on its own but partners with Marketing Land and MarTech Today, covering information on SEO, ad technologies, and digital marketing. Moreover, this is a rare blog that encompasses interviews and insights from experts, who share tips on effective marketing campaigns.

‍Readers of Search Engine Land always find here the latest SEO-focused news, latest Google updates, and more. As one of the oldest topical blogs, it helps both industry beginners and its veterans.

NB. As of now, the Search Engine Land blog offers categories like All SEO, All PPC, Webinars, Intelligence reports, White papers, and a search bot. Their subscription option allows users to get breaking news and analysis for free.

6. Yoast

‍Our list of SEO blogs to follow in 2024 wouldn’t be complete without Yoast. Its popularity started when the audience with WordPress websites started using its plugin. So far, the Yoast plugin has over 5,000,000 installations, which says pretty directly – they guys know everything about on-page SEO. Yoast blog has soon become the place where readers can learn how to create user- and SEO-friendly blog posts.

‍All the spectra of published materials are very accessible, which is a heavy plus for beginners. Furthermore, Yoast helps experienced content writers keep up to date and enhance their content’s SEO performance in line with market trends and business needs.

NB. As of now, the Yoast blog offers selections of the latest publications, top SEO guides, and manuals for beginners. Readers are welcome to obtain free SEO recommendations weekly after they provide their email addresses.

7. The Moz

‍The selection of blogs about SEO wouldn’t be full without The Moz Blog. It’s so influential now thanks to its extended SEO community, which, by the way, is the world’s largest SEO community. Today, they cover the largest of the existing array of industry news and other materials about Google Ads, marketing strategies, voice searching, local marketing, tips on increasing traffic or understanding one’s target audience.

‍Additionally, there is a Moz Pro version, which is the most authoritative blog for SEO. It suggests forum support and assists businesses in reaching their goals. Unlike The Moz Blog version, Moz Pro is for industry veterans only, since it includes advanced SEO data and intricate content.

NB. As of now, The Moz blog offers free training sessions to level up one’s SEO skills, the latest industry news, expert insights, and more. Subscribers receive Moz blog updates daily for free.

8. MonsterInsights

‍This is another plugin for WordPress Google Analytics used by an audience that equals 3.000.000+ users and is favored for its user-friendly interface. With the plugin, users get GA data and analyze it right on the websites, tracking website visitors count, most popular pages and even keywords, referral traffic, etc.

‍As for the MonsterInsights blog, it’s often referred to as a library or set of high-quality tutorials for tracking analytics on WordPress. The main focus traced throughout tutorials is as follows: data is actionable information if you know how to work with it. MonsterInsights proves that these materials can enhance website SEO and bring in more traffic.

NB. As of now, the MonsterInsights blog has over 100,000 subscribers, who follow their popular and latest news on their plugin, conversion funnels, Google Analytics, and WordPress. Subscription is free of charge.

9. Search Engine Journal

‍Search Engine Journal is a reliable source of SEO industry news. Its publications attract industry lovers, since all blog posts are a reflection of the knowledge and passion of blog creators. On the one hand, Search Engine Journal doesn’t differ much from blogs like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or The MOZ. Here, you will find the latest news, how-to articles, tips and recommendations, etc.

‍But on the other hand, the Journal branched out into other digital space spheres. As of today, they generate content and updates to social media channels, too, which is a step forward. The third side is their tradition of working hard on long reads. One of the brightest examples is their history article on Google’s algorithm updates.

NB. As of now, the Search Engine Journal blog provides profound information on the industry’s latest news, paid media, SEO, content, webinars, and more. Users can filter through the latest and most popular publications. By subscribing, a reader can choose the topics of interest.

10. Backlinko

‍If you’re running a small business, Backlinko is the best of the SEO blogs to follow. Though it was started by an individual, it was later bought by one of the industry leaders that already has its own blog, SEMrush. However, the focus of the SEMrush blog and that of Backlinko differ. Backlinko assists its audience in generating content for it to rank high on search engine results pages.

‍This SEO marketing blog does have different tutorials, but it also runs research and conveys experiments trying to prove or deny some of the SEO principles or disparage related myths. Backlinko serves a huge audience: it works for SEO beginners and those with advanced experience. In any of the cases, the delivered data and research are always helpful and applicable.

NB. As of now, the Backlinko blog guides its audience through the complete SEO checklist, Editor’s picks, latest how-tos, and resource hubs. As well as in other cases, users can subscribe to updates for free.


‍Search Engine Optimization has never been an easy practice. However, learning more about it regularly helps one stay abreast with emerging technologies. Having a few best blogs for SEO in your news feed or their newsletters in your inbox makes it easier to find all the relevant data in one place. You can start small or go big by subscribing to all the SEO blogs to follow: practical-oriented tips and in-depth recommendations will teach you to find your own pace and master your SEO skills.

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