11 Simplified Steps to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google in 2017

March 3, 2013
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Simplified steps to get ranked top 10 on Google We often receive different kind Google top 10of questions regarding what and how to do to successfully achieve the Top 10 rankings on Google. We wanted to make it really simple to explain this to everyone, and for you to be able to easily follow the necessary rules. That’s why we’ve prepared a simplified version of our 11 Steps Guide to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google, here it is:
  1. Find out the cost of Top 10 for your keywords using our Free SEO Cost Calculator.
  2. Build links slowly, not more than 5 links a day.
  3. Build links for always different, unique anchor texts, and for different keywords. 25% of your anchors should include your URL, and 25% – brand name or domain name of your website.
  4. Surround your links with some keyword-rich content, if possible.
  5. Build links with different DA and PA.
  6. 80% of links should point to the homepage, and 20% – to inner pages of your website.
  7. 65% of links should come from websites hosted in the same country where you want to rank well, for example, from USA.
  8. Get backlinks from pages with as low number of outbound links as possible.
  9. Fill your website with unique content and optimize it well.
  10. Be patient, SEO takes time.
  11. Track your results using this tool.

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