8 Tips for Converting More Organic Traffic

December 12, 2023
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‍Research has shown that users tend to trust search engine optimization more than direct advertising or links flagged as advertising by Google. Therefore, effective search engine optimization, combined with the appropriate choice of promotion channels and resolution of technical issues, can yield positive results quickly. High organic traffic translates to increased traffic and profits.

Organic Traffic

‍To help with navigation, we provide 8 tips for increasing organic visits using simple and accessible tools and methods. First, let’s define organic traffic.

What Is Organic Traffic?

‍Organic traffic refers to the volume of Internet users who visit a website through organic search results rather than paid SEM tools.

‍It is a long-term strategy that guarantees stability, as SEO does not bring instant results. A site optimized for search results can continue to receive traffic even after all work has stopped. Therefore, organic traffic is essential for promoting a company on the Internet, as it helps increase sales and improve competitiveness.

8 Tips On How To Enhance Organic Website Traffic

Tip #1: Develop a strategy to increase organic traffic

‍Remember that the solution to any problem begins with analyzing the situation and drawing up a detailed action plan. Create a strategy that includes the following stages:

  • setting goals and objectives;
  • identifying the site’s “weaknesses” using a comprehensive audit;
  • analysis of the competitive environment;
  • eliminating detected errors and problems;
  • choosing priority methods to attract SEO direct traffic and increase the site’s position in search results;
  • drawing up a work plan and calculating the budget. At this stage, we recommend preparing a content plan;
  • drawing up technical specifications and selecting the right specialist;
  • analysis of results using Google Analytics.

‍Attracting organic traffic to a website is a lengthy process that differs significantly from launching contextual advertising. Contextual advertising starts working immediately after launch and stops as soon as you stop paying for it. However, organic attraction will work for a long time without additional costs.

Tip #2 Mobile version of the site

‍Over 60% of network users browse online catalogs and make purchases using their smartphones. Therefore, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are losing out on potential search traffic and profits.

Organic Traffic

‍To address this issue, you can either create a separate mobile version of the site or implement a responsive design. The second option is more convenient because the website will automatically adjust to screens of varying resolutions, such as smartphones and tablets.

Tip #3 URL Optimization

‍First, let’s discuss CNC, or ‘human-readable URLs’. These URLs contain keywords and accurately reflect the content of the page, making them more user-friendly. To optimize URLs, follow these rules:

  • do not make them too long – about 3-5 relevant words are enough;
  • if the link is longer, the search results will still cut it off;
  • use a hyphen instead of an underscore.

‍The URL keys are considered when checking the entire page for spam or key frequency.

‍To improve your search engine optimization, it is essential to monitor your spam metrics. Optimizing your URLs not only plays a vital role in the overall SEO picture but also makes them more transparent and more attractive to users, resulting in more clicks and traffic from search engines.

Tip #4 Regular content updates

‍Updating previously posted materials is an important factor that significantly affects a site’s ranking. These simple actions can increase website traffic from search engines by improving its authority and relevance in the eyes of visitors.

‍To make working with texts easier, create and adhere to a content plan. This strategy will facilitate the integration of new keywords and increase search traffic.

Tip #5 Blogging

‍Even if you have an online store, having a blog can be an additional opportunity to promote your site. A blog can provide valuable information to users and increase the authority of your site. This can lead to increased sales and orders.

Organic Traffic

‍Regarding content, you can publish both informative materials and short articles with video reviews on your blog. In other words, you can post anything that will capture the user’s attention and present your products or services in a positive light. If you write blog articles, it is recommended to include links to relevant products or services. This allows interested readers to easily access and learn about the benefits of the product or service, and potentially make a purchase.

Tip #6 Expertise and uniqueness of content

‍Posting non-unique content on a website can result in complaints from the owner and negatively impact the site’s ranking.

‍To attract good search traffic, it is important to create interesting, well-optimized, and useful content for the user. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain expertise in the text. Search engines not only pay attention to the presence of keywords and text optimization, but also to the usefulness and relevance of the content to the query.

‍Inaccurate, outdated, or poorly presented information can cause visitors to quickly leave the page, resulting in a high bounce rate that negatively affects the ranking.

Tip #7 Promotion on social networks

‍Social networks remain an effective tool for attracting visitors, even if you have your own website. They allow you to create advertisements, gather a target audience, notify people about promotions and updates, and encourage potential customers to visit your site.

‍However, before launching a social media campaign, we recommend conducting a competitor analysis and viewing the situation from the perspective of an ordinary user. This guide will help you increase website traffic by creating engaging posts that not only promote a product or service but also capture the user’s attention and encourage them to like or share the post. This will result in increased reach and free advertising.

Tip #8 Use Newsjacking

‍Event marketing is a type of marketing that uses real-life events to promote a specific brand or product. This unobtrusive advertising approach avoids irritating users, who may then visit the promoted site through search queries on news portals or aggregators.

‍The key is to link the event and the product being promoted effectively to avoid refusals and a drop in search rankings.


‍Proper execution of external and internal optimization, along with the elimination of technical errors and improvement of usability, can naturally increase organic traffic.

‍Some tasks can be performed independently, while others require the expertise of experienced professionals. Correct implementation guarantees long-lasting effects, including increased traffic, sales, and new customers.

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