Improved site indexation by properly adjusted Robots meta tag

In this post we’ll consider one of the main optimization aspects for search engines – Robots meta tag optioning. Among all meta tags, Robots has a special importance, as it along with its attributes could help you to move up in search rankings. Yeah, you just can’t ignore Robots. The essence of it is closing the whole page or any of its part from indexation. Our guide will clarify cases and conditions of using Robots for your websites’ benefit. Continue reading

Optimizers’, site owners’ and bloggers’ SEO tricks

Most of our readers are familiar with basic concepts of SEO. But not all of them have time to follow the latest developments in the field of optimization and new tips that SEOs empirically discover from time to time. Here we’ll talk about both well-known and know-how “white” and “black hat” SEO tricks. Most likely you’ll find a lot of interesting. Continue reading

Digest Of The Latest Update You Missed

Missed our last broadcasts? Check them all out here: how to check for duplicate content, keywords research tools, free link indexing service and more valuable information helping to bring your website to the top with no efforts! Make a cup of coffee and go ahead – let the journey to the world of SEO begin! Continue reading

Keyword Generators for Website: How to Receive Relevant Words with Minimum Time Lost

Every webmaster who wants to create a website, different from the hundreds of others, knows that all featured materials should be properly optimized. Any expert will confirm that the use of keywords in the article is the most effective method of the resource promotion. If you have some definite skills, you certainly can choose them manually without using of a keyword combination generator (but still it is quite time-consuming and hard for a novice).
Generating keywords with a keyword phrase generator is much more easy and understandable. So let’s check some of keyword generator software and how to work with it. Continue reading

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Plenty of tools allow to simplify the manual search. But for sure, a lot depends on your skills of using them. We’ll consider best free keyword research tools – from no longer used (e.g. overture keyword suggestion tool) to the most modern ones that can make SEOs life a little more pleasant. Continue reading

Adwords Keyword Planner Tool: User Guide and Operation Nuances

Keyword selection is the fundamental SEO tool. Keyword research is somewhat an art, serving for a better understanding of the terminology used by your potential customers.
When you have constructed keyphrases list, you can explore them to find relevant and most efficient ones by using online tools. Adwords keyword suggestion tool, later replaced by free keyword planner tool, is one of must-have tools when speaking about SEO. Continue reading