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How Social Signals Affect SEO

There’s no secret that search engines take into account social signals when ranking sites in search. The consideration of these factors started in 2011, when Google launched Panda. Since that time, the experts made numerous experiments on the integration of social signals into site promotion. What we can say with confidence is that social signals DO AFFECT sites’ rankings and popularity, no matter directly or indirectly. So, let’s shed some light on what is going on in 2015. Continue reading

Horribly Attractive Halloween Special Offer

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Controlling robots.txt – important technical element of an SEO strategy

Last year, on June 30, 2014, robots.txt celebrated its 20 years anniversary. Not all webmasters were happy with that fact, but only those who know how to configure robots.txt properlyJ. At the beginning of 90s, websites didn’t have such a powerful bandwidth, so the situation when a website could not cope with the influx of crawlers was quite common… A lot has happened since that time, but robots.txt still has not lost its relevance. Now it is time to dispel the mystery of using the Robots meta tag elder brother. Here we go! Continue reading

Private blog network: benefit or damage?

Strong business competition on the Internet demands special marketing strategy. What ingredients does perfect competitive marketing strategy need? How to promote own business in the conditions of hard Google’s limitations? One of the alternative tricks presents private blog network. What outcome does this tool promise? How to build effective PBN and avoid possible Google’s sanctions? All answers on these questions and the best suggestions you will find in this article. Continue reading

Improved site indexation by properly adjusted Robots meta tag

In this post we’ll consider one of the main optimization aspects for search engines – Robots meta tag optioning. Among all meta tags, Robots has a special importance, as it along with its attributes could help you to move up in search rankings. Yeah, you just can’t ignore Robots. The essence of it is closing the whole page or any of its part from indexation. Our guide will clarify cases and conditions of using Robots for your websites’ benefit. Continue reading

Optimizers’, site owners’ and bloggers’ SEO tricks

Most of our readers are familiar with basic concepts of SEO. But not all of them have time to follow the latest developments in the field of optimization and new tips that SEOs empirically discover from time to time. Here we’ll talk about both well-known and know-how “white” and “black hat” SEO tricks. Most likely you’ll find a lot of interesting. Continue reading