Best SEO Newsletters to Subscribe

November 11, 2023
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‍Working on and improving existing SEO strategies means keeping abreast of all emerging technologies and trends that would enable existing and future strategies to perform better. So how to keep abreast? Subscribing to SEO newsletters is only one of the options, yet it performs best. How so?

Best SEO Newsletters

‍This approach allows subscribers to keep updated with SEO advancements and trends, understand the niche and its novelties, read about brand-new strategies, and make better and really informed decisions. Subscribing to newsletters means connecting with other businesses, associates, and like-minded people. Over time, it allows subscribers to develop a network for exchanging tricks and tips. Another benefit is easy access to expert ideas and their straightforward opinions. Finally, the latest news about SEO highlights real-life cases and inspires us to do something big without worrying about poor first results.

‍The question is: What platforms offer such subscriptions? Here, we’ll reveal all the cards and help you join the best networks.

Best SEO Newsletters Providers: Top 15 Choices for Your Inbox

‍Discover only tested resources to learn about SEO tools and strategies first-hand.

The Moz Top 10 SEO Newsletters

‍The email newsletter is generated by a popular SEO software campaign Moz that develops and provides high-quality tool sets and other resources for all types of SEO practices performed by industry professionals. Their email newsletter campaign takes place twice a month and offers the top 10 most useful/helpful blog posts on online marketing and SEO. The feature that makes these newsletters stand out is that they help to save time: few people have time to search through many platforms and find the most valuable content. Moz does this for SEO professionals for free. As of 2024, the campaign has over 5,000,000 subscribers and is loved by SEO enthusiasts.

LinksManagement Newsletters

‍In the world of link building, LinksManagement is one of the most wanted players. The company is among the continent’s largest link-building and SEO businesses, helping small business owners, SEO enthusiasts, webmasters, and marketers through their 8,000,000-page inventory to find the most relevant backlinks. Boosting website performance has never been easier.

Best SEO Newsletters

‍No wonder, newsletters from LinksManagement are so valued. The newsletter campaign, in this case, is launched weekly. Subscribers receive an email with SEO news and trends, industry updates, tips, and recommendations. Moreover, LinksManagement offers monthly access to SEO experts, where subscribers are free to ask burning questions and receive expert answers on SEO and link building. Monthly, the platform sends out a digest with useful publications.

Ahrefs Newsletters

‍We all know Ahrefs for its powerful and functional SEO instruments that have been used by businesses, small and big, throughout the globe. A large chunk of its audience also loves its blog, which instructs how to use Ahrefs and delivers the most enlightening articles. Their weekly newsletters acquaint subscribers with the blog’s newest additions and share some extra reads. Typically, newsletters from Ahrefs feature everything SEO industry devotees would love to find out to maintain their web platform’s ranking and/or improve it.

SEMrush Newsletters

‍No surprise, another big SEO company offers its audience more than only a set of SEO instruments. Here’s some insight for those who didn’t know: SEMrush SEO blog is one of the most sought-after in the topical industry and beyond. Their blog is actually a wealth of tutorials (in video and text), guides, recommendations, short tips, and how-tos. An SEO newsletter campaign is also among their offerings. Newsletters are sent out weekly and are typically based on the blog’s best releases for the past week. Topics covered are diverse: they cover keyword research, content improvement, business strategies, and more.

#SEOFOMO Newsletters

‍These are newsletters by an SEO consultant, author, and speaker, Aleyda Solis, who decided to share an all-embracing summary of each week’s Search Engine Optimization landscape. Thanks to her experience, expertise, and connections in the SEO field, Aleyda delivers current, actionable, and relevant materials. Newsletters by Aleyda aren’t typical and are crowded with diverse links directing her subscribers to SEO articles of interest. What is more, Aleyda Solis recommends tools and even highlights notable SEO jobs, an area of interest for those eager to switch.

Search Engine Roundtable Newsletters

‍This option is mainly for those who’d prefer to receive insights daily rather than wait another week. Search Engine Roundtable’s newsletters are free and are delivered daily after rounding up the search forums’ chats of the day. You will find topical forum threads, site stories, and even X posts here. Unlike many other newsletters, those by Search Engine Roundtable are chosen as they share official announcements by Google, thus making sure subscribers receive the most authoritative materials.

Yoast SEO Newsletters

‍So, there are two types of newsletters for Yoast. On the one hand, there are weekly SEO tips, dealing with the three main topics: website traffic increase, the latest updates in the world of SEO, and SEO course accesses. On the other hand, there are monthly SEO newsletters with a core focus on technical SEO, on-page optimization, and tips for WordPress websites. To be honest, Yoast is very focused on WordPress-based online businesses and is here to provide them with knowledge that can be helpful for SEO strategy enhancement. Today, their newsletters have 150,000 active subscribers.

SEO Sandwitch Blog Newsletters

‍For those who don’t know, the SEO Sandwitch Blog is a collection of information on plugins, instruments, and recommendations – everything that deals with SEO and digital marketing. However, SEO Sandwitch Blog differs from an array of similar platforms: its collections aren’t generic. Still, they are gathered into a list by industry experts and SEO enthusiasts, meaning they actually work. Both seasoned SEOs and beginners choose no wonder daily newsletters on the platform.

Search Engine Land Newsletters

‍Once you subscribe to newsletters by Search Engine Land, get ready to see a new email every workday morning. The top subjects typically chosen for the newsletter are those on PPC, SEO, or Digital Commerce Marketing. Yet, Search Engine Land does not stop on this. They always add one of the next points to their newsletters: delightful industry videos, free software demos, and lists with links to exceptional content across the Internet.

Backlinko Newsletters

‍Brian Dean is organizing monthly newsletters by Backlinko. The main target of their newsletter campaign is to tell more about advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques, present real-life cases, and share insights or tips that can work for everyone. The most precious aspect here is, of course, Brian’s expertise across the community, which means he’s well aware of all the innovative strategies. Boosting rankings is easier with newsletters managed by Brian Dean.

#SEOForLunch Newsletters

‍SEO news updates are also provided weekly by #SEOForLunch by Nick LeRoy. Each newsletter issue covers one of the lunch conversation topics and has new SEO insights or vacancies attached to it. A lunch conversation scenario is delivered in a very casual tone to make this content bite-sized. One newsletter contains numerous screenshots, SEO tools sponsors, prior beta access to some instruments, and other SEO updates that subscribers may miss. Nick’s newsletters are loved for the video links he typically shares with his audience.

Google Webmaster Central Blog Newsletters

‍It’s understandable; the Google team is the one behind these newsletters. When working in SEO, knowing what Google has to say is a must. So, subscribing to their newsletter is definitely something you don’t want to miss. In it, you’ll find the newest features of the Search Consoles, guides on how to use them, speaking videos with training series, etc.

Screaming Frog SEO Newsletters

‍The newsletter campaign is created by the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool crew. Every month, they send out a newsletter that revolves around website audits, technical Search Engine Optimization, and SEO tools updates. It is mostly valued by those responsible for the website’s technical elements and performance optimization. The current number of active subscribers is 40,000+ and keeps growing.

Copyblogger Newsletters

‍SEO is not only about tools but also about the quality of content. Copyblogger newsletters are a rare example of a campaign focusing on the creative rather than the technical part. Apart from sharing writing tips, they organize master classes and workshops for those willing to strengthen their writing skills or find bits of inspiration. In their newsletters, they share their recommendations and also link subscribers to outside resources, paid and free. For those eager to add more creativity to what they do, find out what type of writer they are, join a masterclass, or understand a perfect customer, Copyblogger newsletters are the top option to subscribe to.

TechWyse Internet Marketing Blog Newsletters

‍Most newsletters we described before suggested insightful advice and tips by giving summaries or linking readers to an external source. TechWyse is different. Their subscribers always receive full articles in their inboxes. Subscribers no longer need to go elsewhere to read tips for SEO or digital marketing since everything is now available with one click.


‍SEO newsletters are recognized as the best format for consuming Search Engine Optimization news and insights. Scanning them becomes a daily/weekly/monthly (depending on how frequently they send) routine that helps enthusiasts ascertain the course of industry development.

‍However, there’s also an issue that may follow. Subscribing to too many blogs and bloggers means receiving a long list of emails with even longer lists of links in them. Being overloaded, you’ll have time only to read about strategies, and you hardly have time to implement any of them. Again, go back to the list above and define some sources you’ll start with.

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