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Last updated Apr 28, 2022 | Published Jul 20, 2021
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The world’s first gambling site appeared about 20 years ago. The main reason for the gambling transfer from offline to online was the ban on the organization of gambling zones in many countries. The owners of such establishments were punished with a large fine with the closure of the business.

 Gambling Link Building

Now it is difficult to imagine watching a movie without casinos advertising online. How to promote such sites effectively using links if neither submissions nor guest articles work here? In this article, we will tell you about the main difficulties of link promotion of gambling sites and how to get to the top of search engine results using crowd marketing.

Features of Link Building for Gambling Sites

You cannot promote gambling sites using submissions and guest articles. Why? While registering a gambling site, not a single owner of such a site will indicate the physical address of the company’s office, phone number, or personal mail.

The same is true for guest posts. Not every online publication or blog will undertake to post material with an active link to an online casino. This is a gray niche and for the donor, it is dangerous to refer to it. However, the situation is not that desperate. There exist ways that can help you promote your website smoothly and organically if applied correctly.

One of such ways is reviews and ratings of gaming sites on specialized platforms.

Gambling sites have unhealthy competition. Today their number is insane, they are similar to each other and the only thing that distinguishes them is the level of reputation.

Link Building

If you are serious about the search engine optimization of your gambling site, you need to focus on external SEO. Getting links for your site is part of the off-page strategy that will surely work if done correctly. Link building aims to create backlinks or hyperlinks on other websites that point to your website.

Backlink strategy for gambling sites:

Getting a backlink takes regular effort. For a link building strategy to work positively on your gaming site, you must ensure that:

  • Links are generated from trusted sites.
  • The spam score of these sites should be as low as possible.
  • The referring sites need to have some organic traffic.
  • The correct anchor text is used to link to your specific page.

Link building is basically like an ad that generates referral traffic and is also a trust factor.

Trust Factor? Why Does Your Gambling Site Need It?

When you have many websites linking to your pages in their articles, it will surely increase the credibility of your gaming site in the eyes of search engines. Crawlers will crawl billions of websites every day, and if they detect a trend towards more sites sharing your pages in their articles, your page rank will improve. This could be a Do-Follow link or a No-Follow link, depending on the referring website’s policy, but a natural combination will help either way. The concept is simple to understand, but getting a few backlinks from well-known websites is not easy.

Wondering how you can improve your backlink strategy for gambling sites? Let’s start.

Based on the specifics of the niche, we can say that the only really effective method of link promotion of gambling sites is crowd marketing.

Crowd marketing is the placement of expert comments on forums, Q&A sites, and under thematic articles with the ability to comment.

For gambling sites, crowd marketing helps:

  • safely build up the link mass of the site;
  • attract a motivated target audience;
  • increase the level of trust of the target audience;
  • increase the company’s awareness of the network.

What is important for the target audience of gambling sites? Payout reality. If the site pays out the money won, then you should pay attention to it. But I recommend treating online casinos not as a way to make money, but rather as entertainment.

Promoting gambling sites using SEO is a time-consuming and costly business. To get income from this niche, you do not need to create and develop a website. You can make traffic arbitrage that provides good income in the shortest possible time.

How to Set Up a Crowd Marketing Campaign Correctly?

Finding Discussions Based on Competitors. The first thing to look for when promoting gambling sites using crowd marketing is to search for discussions to post expert comments.

Crowd Marketing Campaign

What do we have to do?

Open our target site in Ahrefs and go to the “Competitive Domains” tab.

Placement of crowd marketing posts. Preparing an account for placement is an important part of a strategy. Prepared accounts are the key to success in crowd marketing promotion. What should the account be like, so that your posts are not deleted by moderators?

  • with a name, surname, or nickname (you can not rack your brains, but use the generators);
  • photo/picture (similarly, use photo stocks or search by pictures);
  • completed application form (location, date of birth, hobby, occupation, etc.);
  • the presence of at least 15 messages on various topics;
  • more than 2 weeks of “life” before posting a post with a link.

Writing a crowd marketing post:

  • determine the pains of the participants in the discussion;
  • try to solve them with your post;
  • natively mention the site (if necessary);
  • do not enter into conflict/dispute with the participants in the discussion;
  • add a picture if possible.

Ways to Implement a Crowd Marketing Campaign

Now we know how to find and select discussions for crowd marketing. How to prepare an account and write an expert comment for a gambling site? Let’s decide who will do this. Crowd marketing is not links purchased on the exchange. It is not applied once and forever but it is implemented over a long period of time, building up the link mass and working out the reputation. To effectively promote with expert comments, it is important to increase their number from month to month.

There are three main ways to implement a crowd marketing campaign:

On your own. If you are well versed in all the nuances of crowd marketing, know how to find discussions, prepare accounts and write a good post – this method suits you 100%. However, remember that the volumes will constantly grow, and it will take you a long time to implement.

Freelance. Looking for an inexpensive way to outsource your backlink program? Hire a freelancer. Use platforms like Fiverr or maybe SEOClerks and you will find various specialists there.

Choose a deal that suits your requirements, discuss the conditions and get down to business. The best part of this model is that you get the best quality for your budget with no monthly fixed commitments.

Once your task is complete, you will be asked to rate your experience. Since the rating is an important factor for a freelancer’s credibility, freelancers will work hard to help you and will not spoil your campaign. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for changes or even a refund.

Outsourcing. It is the most optimal method for implementing crowd marketing. The essence of this method is to hire a professional SEO agency for your promotion.

If the budget is not a constraint, you can hire professional link-building agencies who can handle all outreach tasks on your behalf and can provide you with valuable links. They may charge you monthly or per link depending on the deal. Visit some of the local SEO agencies or try to connect with global brands.

After choosing the right company, all you need to do is register a personal account, add a site and select a tariff. The rest will be done by the company: developing a strategy and technical specifications, individual selection of discussions for your project, preparing accounts, and posting expert comments with a guarantee.


Search engine optimization of a gambling site is a little different from the SEO of other niches for obvious reasons. Profitable keywords in this niche are limited, and since everyone is targeting them, you need to expand your SEO strategy.

The main challenge of the backlinking strategy of a gambling site is that you have a limited number of sites to link from. Most top blogs tend to avoid linking to those sites. While you can get some of your traffic through search engine marketing or SMM, you should strive to get the basics right to maximize your ROI. Effective content creation and SEO strategies can provide you with a steady stream of targeted traffic without spending a lot on your budget. With the right approach to work with crowd marketing, the first results will be visible after 3-4 months. It is important not to slow down or lose the quality of posting.

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