3 Reasons To Track Your Site Ranking Changes Automatically

May 5, 2013
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Analyzing the traffic It is recommended to track your site ranking changes automatically throughout at least the first 100-200 search results using some software or tool, but not manually throughout the first 10-50 search results because of 3 reasons:
  1. If you don’t see your site in the Top 10, you may think your link building campaign doesn’t work. And, in fact, your site rankings may improve from position #975 to position #31 which is a great result and without proper tracking, you won’t even know about it. And since only the first 3 positions on Google actually get any traffic, you won’t see any traffic increase even if your site gets to #9.
  2. Another reason to use software to automatically track your rankings is that you may be acquiring backlinks for one set of keywords and your rankings may improve for another set of keywords! Google is tricky! So you need to track all of your keywords – as many as possible.
  3. To make the right decisions when your rankings change:
    • Understand whether you buy links the right or the wrong way. If your rankings grow, probably you’re doing everything right. But if they suddenly drop, it may indicate that you’ve done something that made your backlink profile look unnatural to Google. By tracking your rankings, you’ll be able to quickly understand that and fix the problem to get your rankings back (by yourself or with the help of our SEO consultants – you can always request a free call back). If you don’t track your site ranking changes, you won’t even know about that, and won’t be able to react in time.
    • See if something wrong has happened and wasn’t even done by you. For example, you were not even acquiring new links for your website, but your rankings suddenly dropped. Once you analyze what’s wrong, you may find out that:
      1. A link to a ‘bad neighborhood’ site was placed on your website and Google penalized your site for that.
      2. A link from a ‘bad neighborhood’ site was placed, pointing to your website and Google penalized your site for that.
      3. Your homepage content was changed and some important on-page optimization was removed, so your rankings decreased.
      4. Someone placed even good links, pointing to your website, but all for one keyword, which made your backlink profile look unnatural to Google (keyword over-optimization penalty).
      5. Someone placed site-wide links, pointing to your website and Google decreased your site rankings since it doesn’t like site-wide links.
      6. Etc.
That’s why you need to track your site ranking changes in order to see the results and make the right decisions in regards to your current link building campaign, your whole backlink profile, on-page and off-page optimization factors.

The Best Rankings Tracking Tool

AuthorityLabs – is the most powerful and convenient rankings tracking tool that we recommend you to use. It’s our favorite one. It includes 30 days free trial and costs only $49 per month for 250 keywords. We’ve found and analyzed many ranking tracking tools and decided to recommend you just one, but the best one, to save your time on comparison. P.S. Don’t try to save a few bucks on this because it’s just too important to save on it! Better still, purchase a lower number of backlinks from us, but make sure to have your rankings automatically tracked for you! Start tracking your site rankings changes today.  
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