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June 6, 2013
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Permanent backlinks

When you add some links to your cart, you can switch them from monthly to permanent. In this case, you’ll pay for your links only once and get them forever. This will save you a lot of funds since you invest in links only once and get traffic from Google on a monthly basis.

We always keep an eye on quality assurance. What does happen after you purchase permanent backlink(s) with LinksManagement? We guarantee to check they are alive for at least 6 months from the link placement date.

What if something does go wrong? LinksManagement has two refund types.

  1. Partial refund. You’ll get a partial refund for the unused period. It’s possible if the successfully placed link was not found after and not recovered within 12 days.
  2. Full refund. We guarantee a 100% refund for links that weren’t placed within 5 days for any reason (and were not replaced with others).

Moreover, LinksManagement guarantees that the page, where your backlink is placed, won’t have such attributes as “noindex” or “nofollow” unless you want them to have these attributes. You can do this by ticking the appropriate checkbox or letting us know in any other way.

LinksManagement has a strict quality policy. That’s why we thoroughly check that the backlinks are alive on the pages you’ve chosen.

How to Stop Getting Only 10% of Link Effectiveness & Stop Wasting Your Money

Links do not pass the whole weight at once. DA10-DA40 links pass 100% of the link juice only after the 6th month. DA50-DA80 links – after 9th and even 12th month. So, if your links are removed after 1-3 months, then:

  • you received only 10%-30% of the whole value from those links
  • now even those 10%-30% of the value are gone because the links are gone

In this case, you would have to buy new links again and again, but you would always get only about 10%-30% of what the link building campaign could result in. So basically, you waste at least 70% to 90% of your money each time when you purchase links which are being removed in 1-3 months. We don’t even take into account that you need to purchase new links to recover the weight…

7 Benefits of Using Permanent Links

  1. Now you can achieve #1 on Google with literally ANY budget. It’s just the matter of time. The more new links you can buy each month, the sooner you’ll be #1. But even if you can only invest $100 for new links each month, it’s also fine. Sooner or later you’ll become #1. See how got 183% of traffic increase in 2 weeks.
  2. Once you reach #1 on Google, you won’t have to pay a single PENNY to keep that ranking! You will only be getting monthly net profit from the traffic, coming to your website from organic Google search results. Learn how Sean achieved the Top 10 in just 1 month.
  3. When you invest in permanent links, you make a decision to get 100% of effectiveness (i.e. passed weight) from your link building campaign and to get in the Top 10 of Google for sure. Once and for always. Let our SEO Expert Tool to select and buy backlinks for you automatically.
  4. You’ll save a lot because all links are paid only once and because we guarantee that all links will be checked for being alive for minimum 6 months. Our SEO Cost Calculator can count how many links do you need to get in the Top 10 on Google.
  5. You don’t need to pay for links on a monthly basis. It means that even in the difficult times when you don’t have any cash for backlinks, your business will not be ruined since links are NOT going to be canceled because of that. See how Jovan reached the Google Top 5 in 3 months with just 27 backlinks.
  6. You can stop your link building campaign at any time and all your backlinks are going to remain active. Resume your campaign whenever you decide. Step by step all your investments are going to be added one to another and give you the necessary number of links to get on Top of Google.
  7. You invest once and get the benefit on a monthly basis. Also, remember that with us you’re protected with our Refund Policy.
Buy 5-10 Permanent Links Today

How to make permanent text backlinks? In order to buy high-quality permanent backlinks:

  1. Sign up and login.
  2. Add some relevant links to your cart. Learn how.
  3. In the cart, switch the links to permanent and click Buy Now button. You’ll pay for them just once and get them forever.

Also, remember, that you can refer your friends and earn $50 for each.

Invest in your backlinks just once and enjoy increased traffic from Google on a monthly basis. Still don’t know how to build links properly? Download our SEO Reports and become a real expert in SEO.

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