The Shortest Way into the Dustbin for Your Link Building Campaign?

November 11, 2012
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The right way for link building campaign Don’t you find it naive when thinking that every link that one can build will be useful? However, we all are trying to achieve this. And then, we find ourselves to be very upset, if one or some of our links lose their weight or appear in the place we don’t expect it to be (e.g. in the footer of the backlink page). So, what is your first reaction to this? Of course, you are trying to get rid of such a link as soon as possible. And that’s exactly your first and the only action leading your link popularity campaign into the dustbin. So, to find out what’s wrong with the links cancellation, let’s go deeper in the link theory.

Let’s go deeper in the link theory

1. How does link work for your site promotion on Google SERPs?

The inbound links pointing to your site are considered by Google to be something like “votes”. The more votes you get, the higher your site is ranked. Here we must notice that Google bots are crawling and indexing your site based on the statement that all your links are natural. If all your links come from trusted weblogs and static webpages which are relevant to your topic or at least have your keyword in its content, all of them seem natural to Google “spiders”. As the result, you get your high rankings. But if not, then you get more and more chances to drop down the SERPs. In this context we can talk about a kind of “Google trust”. The more you are trusted by Google, the higher you are in its SERPs.

2. What about any good reason to refuse from your backlinks?

Based on our recent research, we have detected about 30 reasons why people cancel their backlinks. But the absolute majority of those reasons is nothing but a very prominent sign of the lack of link building understanding. #1 Wrong placement on a page doesn’t mean you have to refuse from this link. Link building is not link-ad technique. So, the link placement is not that important for your link building campaign. Even in the footer or sidebar your link is useful for you. #2 No traffic during first 3 months of use. You should not worry about traffic when you are running your link popularity campaign till the moment when you find your site at least in the Google TOP 10. And 3-month period is too short in this case. #3 “Page 1 is reached, I don’t need my backlinks anymore”. Oh, it’s a very bad idea to refuse from your links after having achieved your goal. Because it’s just the time you need them the most. (I’ll mention this concern a bit later.) And I can add #4, #5, #7, #10 reasons just to make you understand that there are lots of bad & wrong reasons to refuse from your existing backlinks. But what about good ones to do it? Of course, they exist. But anyway, if you definitely want to get rid of a link, talk on this subject to your SEO consultant.

3. What happens to your site after the links cancellation? Or exactly, what does Google do to your site?

As soon as your unwanted links are canceled, your rankings drop. Whatever is your position before the cancellation, after it you won’t find yourself on the same place. So, why does it happen? The links cancellation – especially, immediately after the link installation – is treated by Google to be an evident sign of black hat SEO. Thus, you lose the Google trust you gained before. More of it, this can lead your site to the sharp drop in SERPs. And as a consequence, all your time and money spent for your link building get wasted. As you can see, all these complicated things turn to be simple, if you ask right questions. That’s why next time, while thinking over the links cancellation, ask yourself if you really want this. And it would be much better, if ask your SEO consultant about this too. There’s always a chance to make a mistake. But your understanding of simple and clear SEO facts can help to avoid them and to run your link popularity campaign in a successful way.
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