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Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula

Natural anchor text distribution formula

We have noticed that one of the most common (and extremely harmful) SEO mistakes many people make is ignoring natural anchor text distribution formula. Our research, as well as SEOmoz’s one, has shown that people who followed the anchor text distribution formula (shown below) have successfully got in the Top 10 on Google and were progressing in the SERPs even after the last Penguin update.

And those who ignored this rule failed to get high rankings. Google is constantly working on improving its algorithms. And after the latest update, a great number of websites throughout the Internet lost their rankings. The most important reason why rankings dropped after this update was an unnatural keyword (anchor text) distribution in the backlinks.

We have conducted a deep research, trying to find out what was the most natural keyword distribution formula that SEOs must follow to have high rankings on Google (check out our SEO reports to find out more about SEO). We selected websites with high and low rankings on Google and compared their anchor text distribution. The results of the research have clearly shown that websites with high rankings had the following keyword distribution:

Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula after the Last Google Penguin Update

Natural Anchor Text Distribution

Download these sample reports with natural and unnatural anchor text distribution backlink profiles (none of these sites has any connection to LinksManagement or our customers). When you download and unzip this file, you’ll see 2 folders:

  1. One with websites that have high rankings on Google and natural anchor text distribution.
  2. And another one with websites that have no rankings on Google and unnatural anchor text distribution.

By comparing the .xls files, you’ll see the difference between natural and unnatural looking backlink profiles.

Based on this research, we encourage you to build backlinks (let our SEO Cost Calculator count how many links you need) to your website with the following breakdown of your anchor texts in order to get high rankings on Google.

For example: if your domain name is www.bwidgets.com and your main targeted keyword for which you want to rank #1 on Google is blue widgets, then:

We also believe that, for your backlink profile to look even more natural, at least 5-7% of your links should be ‘nofollow’ and at least 10% of your links should be site-wide. Such strategy in anchor text link building will help to generate maximally efficient backlink profile. Buying links from us, don’t forget about our referral program – refer your friends and earn $50 for each.

To see a live example of how your backlink profile should look like, download these sample backlink profile reports with natural anchor text distribution. For example, as you can see from the backlink profile report for promgirl.com, a great idea of getting naturally looking backlinks is to get links for such anchors that include several of your keywords at once, plus some additional words, plus your brand or URL. For example, promgirl.com uses the following phrase ‘short prom dress, prom gowns and dresses, sexy dresses- promgirl‘ as one long anchor text-anchor. Since promgirl.com has great positions on Google for hundreds of very competitive keywords, we can conclude that using such diversified anchors is a smart and effective strategy of getting high rankings on Google.

Note: natural anchor text distribution is not a “may follow,” but is a “MUST FOLLOW” SEO rule to get high rankings on Google. If your current anchor text distribution doesn’t coincide with the aforementioned, don’t remove your existing backlinks (this can significantly harm your site’s rankings) – just build new links with those anchors you don’t currently have enough of. Use our SEO Expert Tool that will select links for you automatically.  This way, when new links are built, your new anchor text distribution becomes natural and your rankings rise.

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