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List of All Search Engines in the World

Search engines

Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.

Reference ranking is the effect of text links from another site to relevant pages on your site. External optimization assumes the presence of the promotion factors that is not related to the on-page (site structure, keywords, etc).
In fact, after the internal optimization completion, all work focuses on promoting your site by buying links with keywords from authoritative resources. It is desirable to place links on different domains, include keywords and avoid content duplication. As for image links, it should be noted that the contents of the attribute “Alt” transmits the reference for the Google (but not for all search engines).

Search engines and SEO

Effect of reference ranking can have a different influence, depending on the following factors:

  1. Age of backlinks. Taken into account to minimize the impact of paid links. New links (especially in Google) have a very low weight and gain it only with time. At first optimizers don’t have great promotion effect from bought links. Moreover, after some time, donor site can easily get banned or change his mind and stop selling links. It turns out that buying links on the most of exchanges, optimizer will not get anything and only spend his money. LinksManagement offers you quality help building backlinks profile with good DA one-way backlinks. You’ll get quality help in creating and maintaining your backlink strategy, increasing visitors rate from 1 000 to 30 000 per month in 3–6 months.
  2. Link theme. Effect of a thematic link can be 2–5 times higher than that of the link, not compatible with the promotion. That’s as many times LinksManagement can cut your budget for website promotion.
  3. Page authority. Links from pages with a high PR have a great effect on the reference ranking compared with reference to the pages with lower parameters.
  4. Near-anchor text. Text placed next to the active link also has the effect of reference ranking.

Google – №1 world search engine

№1 on Google
If you have good search results in Google, most likely you will get the top in all other SEs. Google reluctantly disclose information about its algorithms, so SEOs had to figure out them by their own. There are more than 200 factors of ranking.

The relation between Google PageRank and backlinks

There is direct and strong logarithmic relationship between Google PR and total amount of incoming links. This means that for today 67% of PR is determined by backlinks. But how does Google converts inbound links in the value of PR? Not going into details, we note that as a result of logarithmic calculations it can be concluded that every increase or PR level (for example, from PR2 to PR3) has he degree of difficulty 5.26. It means that to move or PR to a higher level you need 5.26 more backlinks.

How does LinksManagement use this data to improve backlinks quality?

It’s quite clear that all SEO strategies pay a lot of attention to improving quality/quantity of backlinks. We use only ethical techniques to improve backlinks profile, e.g. link building and link-magnet content creation. LinksManagement provides more than just PR measure – we improve the quality of your PR, so the coefficient of effective visits increases as well.

Latest Google algorithms

  • June 2010 – “Caffeine” – updated around 50% of the index.
  • August 2010 – “Google Instant” – search results formation “in front of users”.
  • November 2010 – the ability of site preview (with special button).
  • 23 February 2011 – “Google Panda” – active struggle with SEOs. The algorithm affected 12% of search results: thousands of sites have lost their position in the search results. However, later it became known that the main Panda’s task is the assessment of site quality. This was a Google response to a huge amount of spam and copied content. March 30, 2011 – added “+1” button for Facebook and Twitter users. It had to affect the organic issue, and for 4 years Google updated Panda more than 20 times (but on February 12, 2015, on Google+ videoconference, Google’s search department specialist John Mueller noted that “Panda” has not been updated since October 2014).
  • April 24, 2012 – “Penguin” – algorithm that focuses on the fight against unnatural backlinks. According to some estimates, a filter has got about 25% of the sites of commercial subjects. The credibility and relevance of search results have started to be formed on the basis of what resources it is referred by. If earlier all references to the site have the same weight, now Google determines the weight of each source. Also, social networking profiles we added to search results.
  • Google “Hummingbird” (September 26, 2013). It’s is probably the smartest Google algorithm, developed in order to improve understanding of users’ needs.
  • “Mobilegeddon”, April 21, 2015 – algorithm for sorting of search results on mobile devices. Sites that have a mobile version now is a prerogative of search engines. The proportion of search using mobile phones and gadgets increases, so it quite important for site to be mobile-friendly.



The search engine from Microsoft, using which you can do global, image and video search. At the moment, the system is the second world largest SE. It has some unique features, like viewing output results on one page, dynamic adjustment that is displayed in the search result: only the name, short or full summary information.

Bing is designed to help you quickly find the information you need and effectively apply it when making serious decisions. Great attention is focused on areas such as orders via the internet, travel planning, health, etc. With the introduction of the “Best Mach”, which analyzes information that appears in search results, Bing allows users to find what they needs. “Instant Answers” complements page with some useful info. In order to compete with Google, two companies – Yahoo and Microsoft – announced a partnership in July 2009. Microsoft and shares their technologies.



Yahoo holds around 22 – 23% of USA searches and 13 – 14% of global. Yahoo has a tremendous amount of useful services. For example, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Groups.


  • It does not pay much attention to the content freshness. So, for example, two-years-old page that fixed in the top is quite hard to displace.
  • Yahoo! really loves links. But in contrast with Google algorithm, it does not pay so much attention to thematic component of the referred source.
  • It does not pay attention to the internal references, so they not affect site position. But correct internal optimization in case of Yahoo should be done to in order to give crawlers an opportunity to catch maximum amount of info for 1 search session.
  • Yahoo! requires approximately 6–8% of keywords per page.
  • Yahoos is not as fast as Google, you’ll have to wait for indexing a little longer.

Remember that nothing lasts forever, algorithms are constantly being improved and something that considered as “bad action” yesterday may have opposite effect tomorrow.

List of Meta Search Engine

Metasearch systems

Have no own database and search index, so generates the search results by mixing and re-ranging search results of other SEs.

  • ProFusion. Allows you to search through a few major search engines. Search results are combined, duplicates eliminated, coefficient of relevance calculated. ProFusion provides personal service to preserve keywords, automatically scans the selected search engine and notifies user in case of finding new info.
  • MetaCrawler. It sends a request simultaneously on 9 search engines: on OpenText, Inktomi, InfoSeek, Excite, Lycos, Alta Vista, WebCrawler, Yahoo, and Galaxy. High-speed search option allows to get fast results.
  • Ixquick. Uses EntireWeb, LookSmart, Gigablast, Go, Overture, WiseNut, Netscape, Open Directory.

Other Search Engines in the World

  • HotBot. Provides easy access to the two major Internet search engines: Google and Teoma. Unlike metasearch systems, HotBot does not mix the results of these search systems.
  • Lycos. One of the largest information portals with search engines that allow full-text search by key words and phrases using a variety of search features, including Boolean operators and search by subject index.
  • AllTheWeb. Offers a range of specialized search tools (including advanced search). AlltheWeb supports the search in 36
  • Excite. One of the first full-text search engines that performs search for key words and phrases. . In addition, Excite supports binary search (AND, OR, NOT) and searches for all words (using +), or exclude word from the search (using -).
  • AOL Search. Does not have its own database: search results are taken from Inktomi and ODP (Open Directory Project). AOL has partnership agreements in 10 countries, but has no regional offices.
  • Gigablas Offers a variety of tools, including the generation and the ability to index various file formats.

500 Top Search Engines List:

There are around 500 search engines in the web that can be grouped by different factors, such as popularity, location etc. LinksManagement provides a kind of panacea for backlinks profile, allowing your website to grow within all of 500 search engines, listed below. This can dramatically grow your traffic, especially if you sell your products or services world-wide or your customers are located in more than 1 country.

Webspiders & Robots (Search Engines) Aeiwi, Alexa, AllTheWeb, AltaVista, AOL Netfind, Anzwers, Canada.com, DirectHit, EuroSeek, Excite, Goto, Google, HotBot, ICQ It, InfoMak, InfoSeek, Kanoodle, Lycos, MasterSite, National Directory, Northern Light, SearchIt, SimpleSearch, UKMax, WebCrawler, What-U-Seek.
Indexes & Catalogs About.com, Ask.com, Britannica, Infoseek, LookSmart, Jayde, MSN Search Index, Open Directory Project, Rex, Snap!, Snap! LiveDirectory, TurnPike, What’s New Too, Yahoo, 4Anything, Constellation, CyberDirectory, DEWA, DirectFind, Ditto, EarthFind, EgyptWeb, EuroSide, ELaud, FetchDog, FindLink, Frequent Finders, GotoGeo, HandiLinks, HitBox, HitsGalore, ICN iExplorer, Infohiway, InfoSpace, JumpCity, LifeStyle UK, LinkMaster, LinkCentre, NerdWorld, OneMission, OneKey, OpenHere, PHATOZ, PeekABoo, PlanetClick, PointGuide, PowerSearch, QuestFinder, Scrub The Web, SearchBlazer, SearchHound, SearchKing, SearchTheWeb, SearchUp , SearchBlazer , SearchHound, SearchKing, SearchTheWeb, SearchUp, Starting Point, theNet1, WebScout, WebSleuth, WebVentureHotlist, Eye On The Web, Global Online Directory.
Indexes & Catalogs (Personal) WebVenture, WhoWhere, People.Yahoo.com, SwitchBoard, YourFamily.com.
Indexes & Catalogs (General Business Related) 411Locate, 411Now, AsiaNet, BizCardz, BizExpose, BizWeb, Business Seek, Companies Online, Comfind, The Dow Jones Business Directory, Goto, InfoMarkt, ProNet, QuickPage, USA Online, 1st Global Directory, BigYellow, GTE Yellow Pages, The Jewelry Mall, Nihongo Yellow Pages, Rescue Island, Where2Go
Indexes & Catalogs (Shopping) 1stShopping.com, BottomDollar, Buyers Index, CoolShopping, Galaxy, InfoMarket, Internet Mall, InternetShopper, MallPark, Marketsuite.com, MySimon, NetMall ,Online Shopping Guide, Shop.com, ShopARoo, ShopInternet, theBestMall, WebMarket, Yahoo Shopfind, The Jewelry Mall
Indexes & Catalogs (Special-Interest) AllSearchEngines.com, Andaloucia.com Search Engine List Page, Beaucoup, The Argus Clearinghouse, DirectoryGuide, Internet Sleuth, SearchEngineWatch Specialty Search Listings, Search Power!, WebSearch Guide @ About.com, Yahoo Search Engine / Index Listings, PerformingArts.net, Retif’s Art Index, wwwARTchannel, WeCareToo, Collectiques , Acts Christian Search, Christianity.net, Find-a-Church, Goshen.net, Halleluia! – Churches, Netministries.org, English as a Second Language, PedagoNet (Learning Resources), TeachWeb, WebQuests, eCology Links, GreenSites Biomed Net (Biologicial and Medical Research), HealthLinks, Medical World Search, AOL Netfind Kids Only, Ask Jeeves for Kids , Disney Internet Guide, PeachPod, Yahooligans , FindLaw, Internet Legal Resource Guide, Hieros Gamos, Indiana University School of Law: Law Virtual Library, AppleLinks, Macinstein , IndustrySearch, Castings Directory (Foundry Industry), Celluloid Links, DirectionX Anime Search Engine, The Reel Site Directory, MusicHits, Neumusic SoundMarket, Search Engine Watch Multimedia/MP3 Search, Engine Lists, Elint, Internet Press, AvatarSearch (Occult), BuildNet (Building Industry), Busweb (Buses & Coaches), TenLinks (CAD Design), Deeper Blue Search (Underwater stuff), Cyber Resort Online InnWeb (Index of Inns and Bed-n-Breakfasts), World Wide Travel Source, Free Center, Nautila NetSurprise, Scour.net Multimedia & Graphics, Femina, SheKnows – Online Resources & Info for Women, Women’s Business Directory, WWWoman, Arizona.com, BostonShopper.com, DFW.com (Dallas/Fort Worth), Kazam.com (Upper Midwest USA), Kentucky.com, MichiganMercant, Search-Nevada.com, Uffda! (Minnesota), Do-It-Yourself Search, 100Hot
African Search Engines & Indexes Zebra Aardvark (South Africa), Ananzi (South Africa), Angola.org Casanet (Morocco), CyberEthiopia, EgyptWeb, EgyptSearch, GhanaForum , S. A. Directory, South Africa Online, WoYaa!, ZA-Index (South Africa)
Asian Search Engines & Indexes (excluding Japan) Baidu(China), AsiaGuide, Cari (Malaysia), Essence of India, Hong Kong Search Engine, Jadoo (India), KInfo (Korea), Orientation Asia, Mahanagar (India), Pakistan Web Directory, Poyin (Singapore), RichSurf (China), Search Singapore, Sinanet (China), South Asian Milan (Indian Subcontinent), Technofind (Singapore), YeHey! (Philippines).Middle East Search Engines: Arabseek.com, Nawal.com, Ayna.com, Jawwal.com, 1001sites.com, Murshid.com, PlanetArabia.com, ArabianBiz.com, MiddleEastDirectory.com, Arabia.com, MiddleEastpages.com, 4Arabs.com
Middle East Search Engines Arabseek.com, Nawal.com, Ayna.com, Jawwal.com, 1001sites.com, Murshid.com, PlanetArabia.com, ArabianBiz.com, MiddleEastDirectory.com, Arabia.com, MiddleEastpages.com, 4Arabs.com
Australian Search Engines & Indexes AltaVista, Anzwers, AusIndex, Australian Internet Directory, Boomerang, DirectFind, Excite Australia, LookSmart, OZSearch, Parasearch, WebWombat, ANZAK Search, Aussie.com, Australian WWW Servers, Cowley Findit!, Directory.net.au, NSW Search (New South Wales), SA Seek (South Australia), Sun Search (Queensland), Vic Find (Victoria), WAZOO (West Australia).
British Search Engines & Indexes Excite UK, Mirago, Search UK, Splut, UK Directory, UK Index.
Canadian Search Engines & Indexes Canadian, Eh, CanadaSeek, AlcanSeek, WebCity Canada, Maple Square, Carrefour (Quebec), SearchBC (British Columbia), WebCanada, Yellow.ca (Yellow Pages), CanadaOne’s list of Canadian Indexes
European Search Engines & Indexes Seznam (Czech Republic), GoJasper (Belgium), Greek Explorer, Haku (Finland), Henkel (Eastern Europe), Heureka (Hungary), Imago (Romania), Jubii (Denmark), Katalog (Slovakia), Kvasir (Denmark/Norway/Sweden), Kypros (Cyprus), Lithuania Online, Maknet (Macedonia), Neti (Estonia), Ole (Spain), Online Lithuania, Orientation Eastern Europe, Origo (Norway), Ozu (Spain), Punkt (Sweden), Sapo (Portugal), Search Malta, , South (Iceland), Trovator (Spain), Vide (Croatia), WebIndex (Greece), YuSearch (Yugoslavia), Yusearch (Yugoslavia), EuroFerret Donde (Spain)
French-language Search Engines & Indexes Excite France, Netscan, Voila, Adminet, Advalvas (Belgium) , Bagou, Carrefour (Quebec), Chaloop, Chut, Ecila, Eureka, Francite, IndexA, La Toile du QuЋbec (Quebec), LuxPoint (Luxembourg), Nomade, Reference (Switzerland), Rendez-vous, Roadhouse, Romandie (Switzerland), Sear.ch (Switzerland), Sharelook, Sharelook (Belgium), Sharelook (Switzerland), Swiss Search (Switzerland) , Tiger 8, TopBon, Trouvez, Wanadoo, Web-Marchand, WebBel (Belgium), WebWatch (Belgium), WhoYou
German Search Engines & Indexes Crawler.de, Excite Germany, FireBall, Fux, Spider.de, Aladin Aladin-Branchenindex, Alles Klar, Bellnet Suchmaschine, Best of Internet, Blitzsuche, Branchen-DINO, BusinessLink (Switzerland), Columbus Finder, Crawler , Deutsches Branchenbuch, Dino, Eorupages, Eule (Germany), Fixx.de, Flix, Guter Rat!, Hit-net, HotList, Infoseek Deutschland, Intersearch, Klug Suchen, Kostenlos.com, Kostenlos.de, Lotse, Lupe.com, Lycos.de, Mosquito, Nathan, NetGuide, NetGuide (Switzerland), REX.de, Sharelook, Sharelook (Switzerland), STERN Online, Swiss Search, WEB.DE, Web-Archiv, WebIndex, Webtip, Wer liefert, Wo long, World’s Best, Sternchen
Irish Search Engines & Indexes Doras, NiceOne, Infosites Ireland, Swift (Ireland).
Italian Search Engines & Indexes Arianna, Caffe, Virgilio, Iltrovatore, ShinySeek, Il Ragno Italiano.
Japanese Search Engines & Indexes Acaranavi, CSJ Index, dddd! Search, Dragon, Excite Japan, Find’X, FreshEye, Goo, Hole-In-One, iNet Guide, Infoseek Japan, InfoNavigator, ISize, Lycos Japan, Mondou, NetPlaza, Nikkei Net, Search Engine Room, Senrigan, Wave Navigator, WezSite, Yahoo Japan
Latin-American Search Engines & Indexes Antena (Chile), AltaVista Latin America, Aonde (Brasil), Apali, Auyantepui (Venezuela), BIWE Bacan! (Ecuador), Bolivian.com, Buscador (Mexico), BuscaWeb (Brasil), Cade (Brasil), Costa Rica SuperSite, Eureka (Venezuela), GauchoNet (Argentina), Grippo (Argentina), Guia! (Argentina), Guiaweb, Iguana (Mexico), Index Columbia, Infoseek Brasil, Infoseek en Espanol, MexMaster (Mexico), Mexico Web Guide, NazcaNet, NetSearch Jamaica, Nicaragua Online, Radaruol (Brasil), Sol (Spain), StarMedia, Surf.com (Brasil), Uruguay Total, Web Peru, Wepa (Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands), Yagua (Paraguay), Yupi
Netherlands Search Engines & Indexes Ecrider, Excite Netherlands, Ilse, Looksmart Netherlands, Lycos Netherlands, NL Menu (business index), Open Directory Netherlands, Scoot, Search, Track, Viden, Vindex, Zoek
Russian Search Engines & Indexes Yandex (Search Engine), Aport! (Search Engine), Au!, List.ru, Rambler (Search Engine), Russia on the Net (great url!), Search, Search Centre, Stolitsa Internet, Tela (Search Engine), Ulitka, Weblist.ru, , Zenon N.S.P, Ads and Consulting
Ukrainian Search Engines & Indexes Infoukes, Kharkiv.net, Sesna, Ukraine.com
Indian Search Engines 123India, India Online, BharathSeek, IndiaClicks.com, India a2z
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