What is a SEO Link Pyramid and How It Works?

Last updated Mar 27, 2024 | Published Mar 26, 2015
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Backlink Pyramid for Google
Backlink Pyramid

Backlink pyramid is a common name for strategy of link building. For each specific web page a SEO specialist shall choose pyramid building elements individually. You can meet a lot of examples of using of such a pyramid all over the Net.

Where the links to your website should be published?

The link pyramid system consists of the three different types of resource categories. These categories include many different resources.

Links from third and second category serve as donors for the first category of links. In such a way resources from third category promote pages from second category. The resources from second category lead traffic to sites of the first category. And this is a top of the SEO backlinks pyramid. It promotes your web-page directly.

How to build a backlink pyramid?

In order to build a backlinks’ pyramid, you need to plan it from the top. The pages for publication of your links shall be trustworthy and correspond the topic of your website. Popular information portals with good traffic can also be used. The second category of links should be formed from your official pages in social networks. There also can be other official company blogs, Wikipedia pages and site catalogues. The third page category is a pyramid base. This category includes web posts and comments in professional and social networks.

SEO Backlink Pyramid for Google

This scheme of the link exchange helps avoiding the search system sanctions.

How to choose right resources for link building?

All the sources you are going to use, must be reliable. In other words, all the sites that you choose for the link building should have good reputation and quality. To check page reputation, you need to test all functions of this source. It must work correctly. Check the posting period. All publications and posts should be fresh and regular. Don’t forget about the site traffic. This is what you need to check with the help of special programs created for analyzing real visitors volume. All this information will help you to evaluate site reputation in search systems.

Also, the pages you are going to use for linking should be closely related to the topic of your page. As a result you will get the objective audience, oriented to and interested at your website. If you will post your links on pages with irrelevant topic, the search engine will indicate your posts as a spam and your web page will be banned soon after that. In that case, having your links published in banned pages, you will have no benefit and definitely, no positive response.

It is not important to choose well-promoted sites for backlinking. The best effect will be brought by pages related to your topic. Information portals are rather useful and good for back linking. Besides, such resources have profitable indexation in search systems.

Modern industry of internet marketing offers you a wide range of backlinks types. It provides you with a great opportunity to find more customers for your business. You can distribute backlinks through forums, comments, notice-boards, informational pages, social networks etc. But if you use only limited range of locations for backlinks, you will not get desirable results. This is a subtle art that contains a lot of hidden rules. And in order to promote effectively, you need to use all these rules to build up a backlink pyramid.

If you want to try forums and notice-boards for backlinking, be sure to use only topic oriented ones. Such kind of resource as forums has many spammers and you are risking to got trapped in the spam lists as well.

Your Internet project, or company has to have its own social network page. It will bring positive response in the search systems for promotion. Your corporation profile always should contain fresh and up-to-date information. If you are posting links in feed, or want to publish your links in comments, you need write a text before inserting these links. It will inform potential customers about you, and, besides, create healthy traffic to your site. As a bonus – you have almost no possibility to be sent to a spammers’ list.

Another backlinking site are partner programs. Here you can make links exchange with many proper and trustworthy resources.

How to provide a qualitative backlinks building?

LinksManagement considers three qualitative and reliable ways for effective link exchange:

  • Backlink building services
  • Partner programs
  • Self-surfing

The backlink service can be used with a wide assortment of various resources. These backlink building services are exposed on only trusted links with good reputation and rating. The service provides profitable and stable relations between web masters and SEO specialists. There you will get the best offers specifically for promotion of your own site. The backlinks trade guarantees success and security. Also, this service has low prices in combination with high quality and efficiency.

The partner programs are not as cheap, as link building service. This service presents many web pages that can be proper for you, positioning them as the most effective commercial place. There you can post various banners, teasers, context information etc. you should pay either per click, or for a fixed term. The partner programs have good ideas, but their feedback is not that high. Mostly web masters and SEO specialists prefer to cooperate with backlinks trades.

Self-surfing is the hardest and the longest way to the top. But the budget required is very low. Webmaster, or SEO specialist can define their own promotion strategy. They build a proper backlink pyramid specifically for their site and select sources with pyramid requirements.

How to put backlinks to right site?

After all, when you had chosen proper backlinks sources, you need to select the right links to be placed to the site. If you leave direct links everywhere, the search systems can ban you. Internet marketing have an alternative tool to prevent this negative situation. Anchors should be left inside these textual materials. Anchor is a keyword, or phrase, under backlink to your web page, or donor page. These keywords or key phrases should contain the advertisement of your website. It must correspond to the search request leading to your internet page.

An article should be really informative. If you post an anchor, or visible link inside senseless text, search systems will count it as a spam.

So, your backlink pyramid must be very logical, structured and elaborate to bring good and profitable promotion. If you are not really sure in the marketing steps you are to take, and strategy you are to follow, just use Cost Estimating Tool or turn to special backlinks trades, where professionals know, how to bring your site to the top quickly!

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