Google Authority Stacking and Google Entity Stacks for SEO

February 2, 2021
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If you work on promoting your website, backlink building is one of the most essential strategies to bet on. The presence of high-quality do-follow backlinks is as important as the quality of your content, its enrichment with the winning and page-specific keywords, and the behavioral factors shown by your users.

Google Authority Stacking and Google Entity Stacks for SEO

Thus, there is a lot of work to be done, but in addition to the classic and well-known link-building strategy, there is one more approach you may utilize for your website promotion. We are talking about using Google Authority Stack and Entities to enhance your backlink base, and in this article, we will take a look at the essence of this strategy and the ways to do it right.

What is Google Authority Stacking

So, let’s get started by defining Google Authority Stacking. In addition to the most powerful search engine in the world, Google owns a lot of digital products millions of users use every day for business and personal purposes. These products include but are not limited to Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Images, Google Sites, Google My Business, and Youtube. 

All these websites form the Google Authority Stacking – the set of websites that have high domain authority by default (since they are Google’s products) and the ones you may use to link back to your website from. 

For example, you may create a publicly shared Google Sheet and add a link to your website to some of the graphs. Or you may upload a YouTube video and share a link to your website in its description. All these actions may be considered as generating backlinks from Google Authority Stack. 

What is Google Entity Stacking

Also, there is one more concept that refers to Google Entity Stacking. As for its definition, you may find two different approaches to it:

  • Some SEO experts consider Google Entity Stacking to be a part of Google Authority Stacking, and in this case, Google Entity refers to a specific product or website you are using to create a backlink. For instance, Google Sheets may be considered as Google Entity.
  • You may also come across a definition according to which Google Authority Stacking & Google Entity Stacking are the same things and they refer to using all the set of Google’s products for the backlinks generation.

The Difference Between Google Authority Stacking Google Entity Stacking

Thus, there are two different approaches to defining these two concepts. They are either the same things but designated by different names, or Google Entities are part of Google Authority Stacking. 

Either way, Google is quite friendly to using Google Authority Stacking for additional strengthening your website position with high-quality backlinks. Since the tools you are using are the products of Google, you will never get penalized for using this strategy.

However, there is one more important point to remember. Even with the zero penalty risks, you shouldn’t be spammy with your backlinks. Their appropriateness and the quality of the content that refers to your page and is placed on your page is still important. 

Google Authority Stacking Google Entity Stacking vs Other Backlink Building Strategies

However, what is the place of Google Authority Stacking Google Entity Stacking among other backlink building strategies? The opinion of experts also differs on this matter.

Google Authority Stacking Google Entity Stacking
  • Some of them consider this strategy to be a white-hat SEO promotion method since you are using the websites powered by Google and Google can’t deny their trustworthiness.
  • Other experts share the opinion that this approach is a black-hat SEO, and what’s more, it doesn’t give such positive results as other link-building methods like organic link building or guest posting. 

However, Google doesn’t prohibit using Authority Stacking Entity Stacking for getting additional backlinks, and thus, this method is hard to be considered really black. What’s more, there are a lot of companies that provide this service for an affordable price and are quite transparent on what they are going to do with your website and its enchantment via Google Authority Stacking Google Entity Stacking. 

Pros and Cons of Google Authority Stacking vs Other Methods

According to the opinion of Google, getting organic backlinks (i.e. when someone cites your webpage on their website) is the only right way to build a backlinks base. However, we know that it is still possible to buy some backlinks (but you should be very careful with this method and make sure that each of your actions looks natural) and/or come up with some guest posts that will mention your website in the text or author bio. Let’s compare the pros and cons of using Google Stacks with these two approaches to link building. 


  • The links that come from Google Authority Stacking will be quickly indexed since they are placed on Google-owned websites. Compared to guest posting or link buying, using Google Stacking takes less time to get a result.
  • Creating content to get backlinks from Google Stacks is easier compared to the process of writing a guest post. 
  • Your backlink will be 100% published since with Google Stacks, you are not dependent on the decision of the third-party website owner. 
  • There are almost no risks of getting penalized which is not always the case with guest posting, and especially buying backlinks in a bunch. In the latter case, we kindly advise you to pay attention to the quality backlinks service that guarantee positive results and improving your search positions. 


  • Even despite the fact that creating a guest post takes a lot of time, this method is still more effective compared to using Google Authority Stacking. When you are placing a guest post, your backlinks look quite natural, plus you may choose a website with high domain authority and target users who may be interested in your product or service. Thus, using guest posting for backlink building is effective not only from the technical perspective but also from a business one since you are more likely to attract interested customers. 
  • There is a vague opinion of the weight of the backlink generated with the help of guest posting vs using Google Stacks. Even despite the fact that the link generated by Google Stacks will come from the Google-owned website, the link that is perfectly embedded into a guest post has do-follow status and is really used by the website visitors may have more importance compared to the one that comes from Google Stacks. 
What’s more, we prepared a detailed guide on How to Monitor Your Backlinks. Read the full instruction here.

Should You Use Google Stacks For SEO?

When promoting your website with the help of backlinks, all the methods except for black ones are good. As for using Google Stacks, nothing will happen in the worst case. Since the risk of getting penalized tends to zero with this method, you may feel much calmer when utilizing it compared to buying backlinks in a bunch. 

Thus, using Google Stacking is not a classical way of search engine promotion. A lot of website owners may not even know about it but still, use it unintentionally while using the digital products provided by Google. However, it makes even more sense when used strategically and in combination with other link-building approaches. Thus, you should use this method as well to strengthen your website position.

Google Stacks

What’s more, using Google Authority Stacking Google Entity Stacking is not as difficult as getting organic backlinks, for example. Plus, it opens up a lot of additional opportunities for creating engaging content that will help you with attracting live traffic, improving behavioral factors, and improving your conversion rate. And here is what you may do to simultaneously use  Google Stacks, get more backlinks and engage your visitors with omnichannel content. 

How to Сreate Google Authority Stacks for SEO?

Since Google has a lot of good products to be used in your link-building strategy with Google Stacks, below some of the simple still effective steps to get started with this process. 

  • Get registered in Google My Business. Creating a Google My Business account is essential for local companies since this tool will help you improve your rankings in local search, instantly get in touch with interested users and collect testimonials that will work as social proof. Google My Business is one of the Google entities so you may use it for link building too. For example, even mentioning your website in the registration form may serve as one of the backlinks that come from Google Entity. Also, the links to the products your customers bought and shared in the testimonials may work in the same way.
  • Create a branded YouTube video. Google loves videos, and your customers perhaps, too. Thus, there are a lot of reasons to come up with a branded one, share it on Youtube, and add the link to your website or webpage in the video description. P.S. There is one more winning approach to improve the position of your video. Add a keywords-enriched transcription to it. This way you will allow Google to “read” the content of the video and rank it better according to the keywords you have used. 
  • Come up with a Google Slides presentation. Google Slides presentation is a good way to share some useful content, plus create a backlink that comes from Google Entity. So, if you have some research results or want to share something useful with your visitors, feel free to create a Google Slide presentation, and add a link to your website. To make it look more credible, don’t forget to add some links to the research you are citi9ng or stats you are using, and end your presentation with a clickable reference list (don’t forget to mention your website as well). 
  • Share a Google Doc on social media. There are also a lot of different opinions on the ways Google perceives social media behavior. According to the general rule, the links placed on social media websites aren’t considered to be backlinks and they have no weight for your website ranking. However, social media is still important for your website promotion, and you may kill two birds with one stone while using Google Entities as well. For example, you may create a Google Doc, add some backlinks to it and share the document on your social media profile. Thus, you get both Google Entity backlink and the opportunity to attract your subscribers to the public document, and to your website. Good behavioral factors shown by your visitors will definitely be beneficial for your website rankings, even if you still have not so many do-follow backlinks.
  • Create a custom map. Using Google Maps is also one more way to utilize Google entities, in addition to the opportunity of letting your visitors find you with ease. Thus, make sure to have a Google maps integration on your website (if you have a local business presentation, of course), and feel free to share the link to the map in approximate places, for example, on social media, Yelp, and other business directories. By the way! We kindly advise you to create a Yelp profile since this platform is quite good for local business promotion, and it will provide you with one more backlink, even if it doesn’t come from a Google-powered website. 
  • Develop a Google Site landing page. In addition to all the above tools, Google also has a simple website builder that you may use for building a landing page that will also contain some links to your website. Use it as a marketing tool. For example, you may use it for launching a PPC ads campaign and then, redirecting your customers to the main website of your business. Thus, both of the pages will have live traffic and positive behavioral factors.


Thus, using Google Authority Stacking Google Entity Stacking is one more way to improve the positions of your website with the help of the backlinks that come from Google-owned products. This method of website promotion makes the most sense when combined with other white link-building strategies and may not give prominent results when used alone. That’s why you should be strategic and far-sighted with your approaches to link-building, trying to get the most out of each method you are using, and still avoid the risks of penalties.

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