How to Bring Traffic to a New Website: Deep Guide

December 12, 2020
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Whatever niche you work in and whatever you do, you should understand how important online promotion campaigns are for modern business. Even if you don’t get customers directly from online, it can be used to raise brand awareness, build a reputation, and establish your business firmly.

Bring Traffic to a New Website

The importance of SEO is unquestionable for any single web site. The significance of SEO for a new website is genuinely vital. In their attempts to promote the website to rank higher, a logical question appears: why only one in ten entrepreneurs engaged in website promotion achieve success?

The answer is simple: low budget and lack of patience.

SEO is a long-term investment that does not provide an instant payoff. It is necessary to continually invest in the promotion of the project for many months in order to start receiving stable results for the business. This is what stops many. There are ways to increase traffic to the site on your own. They are available to almost everyone since they do not require special knowledge and skills. Free website promotion will not provide you with the same return as the work of experienced specialists, but you can still get traffic and increase your site’s visibility in the SERP, laying the foundation for future growth. We have researched and selected the top 4 free ways to drive traffic to your site.

1. Develop Effective Semantic Core

The semantic core is a set of words, word forms, and phrases that most accurately characterize the site’s specialization. A properly selected semantic core is one of the key factors that will help you increase website traffic. There are two ways to solve the problem – automatic and manual.

The automatic option involves the use of special programs and link aggregators. You register with the service, enter the site URL in the appropriate field, click the button, and get the result. The system will analyze the resource and display the required list. The advantages of automatic selection are speed and simplicity.

The manual method is longer and more difficult, but you can do everything as accurately as possible with its help. First of all, you need to study the available information. Suppose you need to promote the website of a company that sells parts for cars. Make sure you know what parts does it sell? For which brands? For what year of cars? Who are its customers – individuals or businesses? Any information matters.

2. Proceed with the On-page Optimization

If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, you should pay pretty much attention to on-page optimization. High quality of materials on the web page and correct technical optimization is about half of the overall success in building web traffic. Thus, make sure your site meets a number of characteristics.


1. Content Must Be Unique

Working independently on SEO optimization, you will have to take care of a lot of minor details. First of all, make sure your content is 95-100% unique. You can deviate from these indicators only when such a result is not possible – for example, when listing technical characteristics, quotes, formulas, and similar information. If the basic information presented on the pages is not unique, you may not even try to promote the site. You will face serious difficulties. To check the uniqueness, you can use various online checkers that offer both free and paid services. For a short text, a free version is usually enough. Also, it is better to run your content through several services. It will help you avoid the risk of missing non-unique fragments since different plagiarism checkers use different algorithms for detection. 

2. It Is Necessary to Optimize the Pages for Search Queries

Thinking about how to get traffic to your website, you should first of all, focus on attracting the target audience. Most visitors will come through search engines, which means that you should give search engine optimization special attention. If you ignore page optimization for search queries, the behavioral indicators will greatly deteriorate. It will significantly reduce your chances of driving traffic to the website. Pay attention to several nuances.

  • Pages must have a correct title. It is important for both users and search engines. The title should indicate the direct occurrence of the key phrase. On the pages, you need to place headings h1-h6, which must also contain keywords. Remember: you cannot place more than one h1 on each page!
  • Website promotion is impossible without placing keywords smoothly through all the text.
  • Also, in the text, you need to highlight tags, photos, graphics, and other elements that increase the content’s informational value.

3. The Site should Be User-Friendly

To drive traffic to your website, you should also pay attention to its navigation opportunities. If the user has to think about how to get information from a page, making an effort, it means that it is an ineffective page. The visitor will quickly leave it. Search engines also analyze resource usability.

How to organize the information correctly? 

First of all, it needs to be streamlined. The best option is a tree structure that includes sections and subsections, categories and catalogs. The user should be able to move from one page to another quickly. If you are thinking about how to drive traffic to the site of an online store or other sales organization, make sure that contact information, pricing information, etc., is available. There is a “rule of three clicks”: a visitor should be able to find the data he needs with no more than three clicks. Less is better. Easy and quick navigation of the site will help improve search results and behavioral indicators. It means that the user will be much more willing to use your products or services.

4. Don’t Forget about Linking

If you build web traffic on your own, it means that you will have to prepare numerous links. One of the main factors of on-page optimization is linking. That is, on the pages of the site, you need to place links to other pages of the same resource. Thanks to this, the promotion is carried out due to the internal potential of the site. Relinking solves several problems at once. It will not only distribute the “weight” of the pages correctly but will also help promote exactly the parts of the resource you need, direct the user to the right place where they can place an order or receive important information. The work is done manually and can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it: by posting links in the right places, you will get rid of impressive financial expenses in the future.

5. Make Your Site Beautiful and Fast

One of the main problems of many Internet resources is the slow downloading speed. If the page is loading for more than a couple of seconds, something is wrong with it. For search robots, a slow site is a negative signal, and the user is unlikely to agree to wait. They will simply close the page and go to competitors. If you are interested in the correct website promotion, pay attention to the technical nuances. What are the reasons for loading too slow? There is an incorrect layout, an abundance of “heavy” images, or problems with the server?

Also, a friendly and beautiful interface with the right fonts and colors will help users better understand the information presented. Want to experiment with the interface of your resource? Be careful: users don’t like unusual innovations. The correct option would be to familiarize yourself with the most successful competitors’ pages and do something similar.

3. Off-Page Optimization

External factors are equally important in driving traffic to your website. But when should you start off-page optimization, and how? It should be done after the work on on-page optimization is completed. It makes no sense to proceed with the methods listed below without making sure that the resource’s overall quality is good.


Increase traffic to your website with links

There are several ways to get links to a resource: free and paid. You have to spend much time and effort to gain free backlinks to your site. It is particularly time and effort consuming in the case of a new website since you have not received authority in the niche so far, and all trusted resources will likely be suspicious and cautious in allowing you to place a backlink on their website. In most cases, when developing a plan for how to get traffic to your website, it is better to consider paid options. Consider LinksManagement as a competent and experienced partner with numerous successful cases of backlinks promotion around the world.

Backlinks can be temporary and permanent. Regardless of which option you choose, there are several important points to consider:

  • backlinks should be placed on sites similar to the promoted resource
  • a page with a link should not be a simple set of words – informational content and its usefulness are important
  • they must be placed in a part of the page that is well visible to users.
  • The anchor list should be varied, and not all links should come from promoted phrases. Links that represent the URL of the page are very important because this is the most natural kind of link that users could actually share with each other
  • the subject of the text around the link must match the text of the link
  • pages must be indexed by all popular search engines

When thinking about how to increase website traffic, some SEOs do not pay enough attention to the correct selection of anchor text, which reduces their effectiveness. 

Remember: link texts should be different, carefully selected, and attractive to the visitor! You should want to click on them. This will lead to an increase in traffic.

Finally, follow the main rule to get traffic to your site and achieve high efficiency. You need to buy links regularly and gradually, and their number should be increased with each purchase. It is impossible to purchase a large amount at once for a newly created project – this can lead to sanctions from search engines. It is also important to make your resource beautiful, understandable, and user-friendly. Then people will share links to your site, and the link mass will grow naturally.

4. How to Drive Traffic to a Website Through Social Networks?

Social Media Optimization is a relatively new method of promotion, but its effectiveness is increasing every year. Painstaking work in this direction will provide you with a lot of advantages:

  • the position of the promoted resource in search engines will improve
  • You will attract a large number of targeted visitors interested in your products and services
  • Your brand awareness will grow, which will have a positive effect on sales in the long run.

Why is Social Media Optimization convenient and profitable?

Firstly, the audience of popular social networks is millions of users, among which there will undoubtedly be thousands of your potential customers.

Secondly, due to the peculiarities of social networks’ structure, you can distribute information with an enormous speed. First, one user receives information. They share this information with friends. As a result, you reach a wide coverage of the audience in a short time frame.


As you see, using free ways to drive traffic to your web site still requires certain skills and knowledge. Even if you manage to complete some tasks alone, this contribution will be too little to rank a genuinely high position. However, you can still increase your website traffic from scratch to lay a firm foundation and ask professionals to help you in the future. Without truly deep knowledge of trends and tricks, sooner or later, you will face the necessity to hire an SEO expert.

The cost of SEO promotion depends on a number of factors, for example, site subject. If you want to get to the top in a little-known niche, the services will be cheaper. If your website has many pages with worthy content and is also represented in social media, it will take less time and money as SEOs will not start from the dead point. In any case, if you have time and inspiration, do not hesitate to use the ideas above to increase your website traffic. Even a little progress is a step forward, and it can boost subsequent positive changes. SEO is always a game.

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