How to Choose the Right SEO Agency

December 12, 2020
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If you’ve ever thought about using your site to attract customers from the Internet, you probably already realize that things are not so simple. It is necessary not only to undertake the website’s high-quality optimization to meet the current search engines’ requirements but also to continually increase traffic and attract customers through all possible channels.

How to Choose the Right SEO Agency

Besides on-page optimization, your website requires a range of steps to launch an ongoing traffic increase campaign. One of those steps is a well thought out backlink campaign. Despite the controversies surrounding backlinks, they remain one of the most effective website promotion strategies so far. And it is crucial to choose the right SEO Agency to help you with link promotion. LinksManagement suggests many benefits worthy of considering before you make the right choice.

Why are Backlinks Essential for Your Website?

To begin with, SEO comprises a variety of major and minor aspects that influence website promotion. One of the most effective and favorite methods that give long term and steady growth is backlink promotion. 92% of digital marketers are convinced that link building will remain one of the most important ranking factors in the next 7-10 years (Aira). If you’ve already searched for strategies to promote your website, you’ve probably realized that a solid backlink profile is a must-have for any site.

To understand the significance of backlinks in modern SEO, it makes sense to consider statistics. Top 1 on Google has approximately 3.8x more backlinks than Top 2-10. Buying links to a website has always been one of the most complicated tasks in SEO. As far as it remains one of the most effective website promotion strategies with all its benefits and drawbacks, it is crucial to know how to use this instrument effectively. 

How to Choose the Right SEO Agency

Without the appropriate knowledge and experience, it is almost impossible to effectively launch all website promotion processes, monitoring, and analyzing them according to the existing statistics. Experienced web site owners know that it is easy to waste SEO budget if it is not used according to a developed strategy that considers numerous factors and relies on the more or less expected outcome. You can buy a couple of backlinks for SEO on your own. It will take you a pretty time and will hardly bring a lot of positive changes. You can buy cheap backlinks, and in a month or two, they will disappear without even covering the cost of themselves.

Experienced web site owners know that it is much more effective to work with a link building company. Finding contractors, a company that would take responsibility for SEO-promotion, is also a challenge. Currently, there exist numerous agencies that suggest link building service. However, to find a white hat link building agency that can help you achieve your goals, you need to know which factors to consider to make your choice. Before investing in SEO, you need to know your priority. Here we will explain why backlinks are a priority for any promotion strategy.

Why do You Need Backlinks for Your Website?

Backlinks are valuable for three main reasons:

Ranking. Search engines like Google see backlinks as signs of trust. In general, the more credibility your web pages have, the higher they will rank when delivering results for relevant search queries. Experience shows that the number of backlinks from unique sites (donor domains) strongly correlates with organic search traffic.

Simplicity in Finding Content. To find new content, search engines revisit the pages they already know, checking them for new links. Because search engines visit popular pages more often than unpopular ones, they will find your content faster if backlinks from popular pages link to it.

Referral Traffic. Backlinks exist to direct people to what they are most interested in. That is why people click on them. When someone comes to your site via a link, you get referral traffic.

How Can I Get Backlinks to My Site?

There are two ways to get backlinks. You can deserve them, or you can build them. 

Deserved Backlinks

People can find your content through search engines such as Google, social media, or personal recommendations, and decide to link to your page. Such links are organically deserved. To increase the chances of getting backlinks this way, you can create useful content that people will want to link to. The problem here is that deserved link building is unlikely to occur without a well-established name, brand, and authority. You might offer the best quality product and write the most engaging content. However, if you have not received popularity among broad masses, other brands just don’t know about you or do not trust you enough to link to your website.

Build Backlinks

You can contact the owners, editors, or administrators of other sites and ask them to post links to your page. For this, it is necessary to draw up a transparent business proposal. This is where link building tactics come in handy and when the need to search for the best link building agencies occurs. You can build links yourself, and it will take you much time and effort. You can also turn to the link building agency, and they will help you. 

Benefits of Working with a Link Building Company?

The advantages of working with an agency are numerous. You deal with a team of professionals who have worked in this field for many years. Changes in internet marketing technologies do not stand still, and they take into account all of them.

The benefit of working with the link building agency is also in the fact that the processes are automated in these companies and well thought out to meet all the requirements of search engines not to harm your website. Also, at LinksManagement, they have a solid base of authoritative websites close to your niche. When it comes to choosing an SEO company, the options are more than enough. There can be many offers, and before concluding a long-term contract, you need to make sure that the choice is the right one. We have compiled some recommendations for you to help you make the choice that will justify your expectations.

How to Choose the Right SEO Agency

9 Important Criteria to Consider before Choosing the Best Link Building Agency

  1. Many agencies declare their professionalism in all possible areas. Of course, this is not always true. Subscribe to their e-mail newsletters. Check if there is a blog on the corporate website and also how well the topics are revealed. Is there a detailed or superficial presentation of the material? Can the agency provide case studies and publish quality articles on its blog, explaining complex things in simple words? These are the most basic signs indicating that you deal with professionals who can develop and implement a strategy to promote your business online.
  2. Official site. The corporate website of a company that provides internet marketing services can say a lot about it. It is unlikely that the agency with authority in the industry will have a five-page website with a three-paragraph description of their services. Also, pay attention to the availability of the blog, the quality of materials in it, and the presence on social networks.
  3. Look for some cases on the company’s website. A professional internet marketing agency should have a section with cases and published achievements gained from their projects. 
  4. Before contracting with the agency, ask about competitors’ analysis. Competitive analysis online is just as important as in offline business. This allows you to find the sites of competitors who work successfully and understand why they succeed. This analysis enables the specialist to expand the semantic core to optimize and promote the project, as well as identify ways to improve traffic and conversion through the implementation of specific changes.
  5. Don’t look for the cheapest options. When it comes to SEO, it is usually fair to say that you get as much as you pay. Low price tags are usually for those companies that have problems with customers or promise fairytales and, as a result, do nothing. It is much more cost-effective to work with contractors who focus on the quality and profitability of your business in the long run. Such specialists do not have the lowest price tags, and they do not use the methods of promotion forbidden by search engines.
  6. You have the right to wonder what to expect during the first 3 months. Of course, the promotion strategy of each specific project will be different, but a company in which all the processes are well established should have some standard list of works carried out at least in the first few months. Hardly anyone can suggest a detailed scheme here and now, but you can get information on the general list of works in the project’s early stages. Do not ask for predictions from a long term perspective. Usually, after 2-3 months, the strategy will most likely be adjusted to the achieved results.
  7. Unique content is particularly important for successful promotion in modern realities. You need to know whether the contractor will take care of this, or you will have to look for the right professionals to write content for you.
  8. Do not hesitate to discuss metrics for performance tracking with your agency. Usually, frustration in SEO occurs due to inflated expectations and misunderstanding of the specifics of the process. For example, many inexperienced web site owners do not understand that a tangible effect is possible over a long distance. And the better you are informed about the possible results, the more chances you will be satisfied with them. Therefore, before you start, approve with experts who will promote your project a list of indicators that will determine the work’s success. For example, this could be such indicators as increasing traffic, increasing visibility for targeted keywords, or increasing sales (in the case of online stores).
  9. Although it is equally important to work on on-page optimization during the promotion of any project, backlinks continue to play a vital role. To work well on your site’s backlink profile, the agency must analyze competitors’ backlinks and aspire to increase yours. Avoid companies who use mass purchases of low-quality and cheap links. They are considered spam by Google and will not bring any positive results to your site. Even more, there is a risk of falling under Google filters and subject to various kinds of sanctions. Be cautious to avoid such mistakes.

Become partners with Links Management and get used to qualitative and effective backlink service. No more useless waste of money – only strategies that work and partners with a strong reputation. You deserve it!

Can the Agency Provide Guarantees?

When you come across SEO companies that guarantee you the first place in the search engine, you need to run without looking back. It is the first sign that you are dealing with unscrupulous contractors. No one can ever guarantee the first places in Google. The formation of search results is carried out due to complex and classified algorithms with many variables. Qualified contractors are continually working to improve the site and organize it according to search engine quality criteria. And only, in this case, the position and visibility of the site begin to grow. Therefore, the only possible guarantee in SEO is an honest and dedicated performance. Therefore, analyze the benefits of a chosen agency and decide.

Benefits Suggested by LinksManagement:

LinksManagement is a link building service that suggests unique tools and can help develop a smart SEO strategy. Consider our benefits and make your decision.

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As with any other service provider, choosing an SEO company begins with asking the right questions and evaluating the information. It would be best if you had a partner who is committed to a transparent and open relationship, able to provide a clear understanding of how your online presence will help your business grow. Quality work on SEO-promotion will allow you to achieve your goals, attract targeted visitors and new customers for your business not only at the moment but for many years to come.

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