How to Increase Backlinks to my Website?

May 5, 2015
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How to Increase Backlinks

Content marketing as a medium of backlinks usage

Content marketing cycleContent Marketing is a set of marketing techniques based on the creation and/or dissemination of useful information for the consumer in order to gain confidence and attract potential customers. Content marketing involves the preparation and distribution of high-quality, relevant and valuable information that is not advertising, but which indirectly urges the audience to make the necessary (for distributor) decisions and to choose corresponding service. The advantage of content marketing is that it draws the audience attention effectively, helps to build trust and promotes a product or service on the market gently.

Ways and purposes on information spread

Spread of information content is very diverse: websites, blogs, social networks, traditional media, books, magazines, printed or online news publication, subscription to newsletters, podcasts, seminars, webinars, conferences, round tables, video portals, etc. The original purpose of free information flow is not the advertising of specific products or services, but consumers informing about the general situation in this segment of the market, about the events taking place in, about how to deal with related problems, and sometimes – how distributor’s products or services help to solve problems. The motivation of those who launches content marketing campaign is to inform potential clients at ease, to create the image of the company as the leading one in the segment with well-trained experts who are familiar with the consumers’ problems and their solutions. Content marketing has next goals: the creation of the leader image, the increase in direct sales, consumers’ familiarization with radically new products or services and promoting them to the market. Content marketing activity is based on a thorough analysis of the market and customers’ needs.

Increasing backlinks as an integral part of content marketing

Increasing backlinks to website Backlink is an active hyperlink that locates on web sites and refers to the original online resource. Often the text of such links includes retrieval request which uses for site optimization in search systems. Two main types of backlinks:
  • Natural. Method of obtaining natural backlinks allows you to get them for free, but the time needed to accumulate sufficient referential mass is quite long.
  • Artificial. It is a method in which an SEO expert gets a link back to the site by paying money. This technique is called automatic promotion. In this case, an SEO expert practically does not spend time on the selection of sites where it will buy links.

Some ways to get backlinks in the descending order of importance

  • Niche directories. Almost every business category has its own directories. They are both paid and free of charge. Using the link you can find a number of sites where you can register, make a description and leave a backlink to the promoted resource. It is important to make unique description for each directory and to add non-anchor links. You have to use such search requests as “niche directories”, “free niche directories”, “paid niche directories” and “list of niche directories”. In fact there are much more search options, but even these would be enough to bring the desired base.
  • “HARO” posting. “HARO” is a service with a lot of site owners, webmasters and SEOs. Here is the link: All you need is to get the ability to post, to confirm it, to write content and put a link in and finally – to place it.
  • Press releases. On some sites (,,, you can send a press release, and it will have a good chance to appear on the top sites. Mentioned above services have both paid and free ways of posting. The return depends on newsbreak, header (the strongest influence) and text quality. In a press release, we put a link to the company that announces the news in corresponding text. It’s extremely important to analyze successful releases and to understand why and how they used this technology.
  • Adding videos. You can add various videos, for example, learning guide. For the time saving use services like “”. Here is a list of video directories where you can add vids:
  • Infographics. Find appropriate location place using queries “infographic submition list” and “submit/add infographic”. Many top directories offers paid adding. But it is often a small budget and it worth. Check list here:
  • Web 2.0 sites. There are at least 500 useful 2.0 sites for today. Use “”, “” and “” to get information about hot to find, to register and to place information. Web 2.0 sites will help to give trust to promoted site, as well as to increase the number of links.
  • Companies’ listings. It is very important for the local promotion, but also affects the positions in search engines. To automate the process you can use “”, which has recently bought “”, improved it and launched under the name of their brand. Before register, you can see which sites are available to add to your area. Sequencing: write the name of the company, insert a zip code (you can google it for a proper city) and examine placement options.
  • Direct placing. To post an article on a reputable and thematic resource you will need money or high-quality content. If you have previously posted proper content, it is important to note it. But practice shows that commercial themes most often posted for money.
  • Directory blog. The number of blog articles is not so important as quality. Blog can be added to the directory and as a result you will get more links to the promoted website. At first you should add blog to thematic directories, and only after it to authoritative ones. The last step is adding to all unspammed directories.
  • Comments. This strategy still works in the case if you write useful comments.
  • Adding to PDF directories. If you have a website that sell services, or information project, you are most likely to have some guidance (instructions, case studies, company presentation, Ebook). There are a number of directories that offers PDF file adding and getting backlinks. To search such sites use Google (queries like “PDF directories”, “PDF directory list”, “E-book directories list”).
  • Redirect. Changing site domain the most important is to maintain its link structure. It is necessary to implement redirection to the same page, but on the new domain. In practice, it looks like: search robot requests any site page with non-existing address, and at this moment “301 redirect” says that the page is now available at the new address, and redirects the robot. Consequently, the search engine replaces old address index to the new page without changing of its parameters. “301 redirect” is permanent and transmits about 90–99% of reference weight. There are also other kinds of redirects, but they are undesirable to use as they don’t transfer link volume, and often used by spammers.
There is countless number of getting backlinks, and the most important is to try new options and directions.

Back links and new way of thinking: up to date requirements

Since search engines gradually introduce new algorithms, in every way trying to chop off running promote schemes, it’s necessary to go with the times and to know some moments, using which you can be confident in the result and sleep quietly. Increase backlinks to site must be smart-performed and meet the following requirements:
  • Naturalness. Natural links appears when you like content or find it helpful and have no choice but to put a link on your own blog or site, to spread in social networks and to show to the family and friends. You can certainly try to imitate Back links and new way of thinkingbacklinks that actually make almost all SEO companies which provide services. It can be done by means of links and articles exchanges, direct purchasing or using vaccine against “Penguin” (reference antispam algorithm). This works well, but sometimes it’s better to make one interesting infographic and spread it.
  • Trust. It is necessary to form trust and to deserve it in the users’ eyes. Ranking by authority is exactly what Google wants to realize. In today’s understanding the trust has next indicators: regularity, quality of the content, quoting, links with the most authoritative sources in the niche, the authority of the authors who refer to and make content. Today, it’s extremely important to get links from authority in your niche and from the top sites in the region such as popular media and blogs.
  • Socialization. Search engines take into account the social signals to the site. This should be used not only for improving the search position, but also to expand the audience. At least you should use such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube (not exactly a social network, but still very important). For getting social site links huskies-attracting content is needed.
  • Free of charge. Google shows its vision on the paid links very clearly: any purchased link can lead to sanctions from the search engine. Therefore, if you are among those who already operate with the new way of thinking – stop buying links.

Run on through catalogues: for and against

Catalogues consists of finished articles with links. Thus, such sites fill out its content, some of them also require money for publishing. The quality of these sites is quite doubtful, and therefore running on article directories is not the best solution. Text published here are substandard: how can you get unique articles for each directory, if there are from 100 to 500 of different directories? In this case 1–3 articles are written and then propagated via synonymizer and text generators. I.e., these texts exist only for the search engines. Based on the foregoing, it is understood that articles and links catalogues are not people-oriented (with rare exception). They were originally created to increase the reference mass of sites on the Internet. And this method worked perfectly 7–10 years ago. Sites positions have grown rapidly with the increase in the number of backlinks. However, at this time, search engine algorithms have become much more sophisticated, and they are perfectly able to distinguish purchased links in the directory or natural backlinks. There are special services to run on directory sites and articles, as well as individual experts (you can find those in specialized forums), who place your links to a site from its base and give backlinks increasing. Running on through catalogues can be very dangerous. You can eventually get harmful backlinks with bad influence on the site rank. Moreover, to fix the consequences of such an operation will not be easy and will take a lot of time. Placing held immediately on hundreds or even thousands of sites. Sometimes this method of promotion leads to the reference boom – a sharp increase in the number of backlinks and as a result – instant hit under the filter and lower positions in the SS. Run on through catalogues especially danger for young (with the age up to six month) sites.

Links exchanges as the way to increase links

Exchanges are services that act as an intermediary between the websites owners and sellers in the case of selling or buying links. Exchanges are usually used to promote sites or to earn by selling links. Backlink cost is usually determined by Domain Authority, number of outgoing links, domain and trust level, age, presence in the catalogs of search engines. No one can say which exchange is the best. Some of them accept sites with 2nd and 3rd level domains. But it is indisputable that the number of exchange’s sites depends on buying and selling flexibility. The most popular exchanges are LinksManagement,, Textlinks, PostLinks, Probably the best international link exchange is LinksManagement. It offers DA40-DA100 backlinks to improve site rankings on search engines and increase traffic up to 10,000-30,000 visitors per month. It has its own SEO experts, SEO calculators and different programs. Visit to know more. LinksManagement has the whole information for providing the best comfort to the person with no SEO skills. Visiting the resource you will find out a lot of useful information, from “how to increase backlinks to my website” to “how to use backlinks in the most proper way”.

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