Replace denied links with similar links (selected by SEO Expert Tool)

January 1, 2014
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If you check a box“ Let SEO Automation Tool replace denied links with similar links for me ” in your Cart or in My Links (checked by default), and the link is not placed for any other reason, then our system will automatically select and buy another similar link for you. Our system will try to replace your link with the best available link with the same website category, the same SB Rank, the same link type (monthly or permanent) and price, similar to the one of your initially purchased backlink.

Our SEO Expert Tool does the following while replacing the link:

  • The link will be purchased for the same project URL, anchor text and surrounding text of the link, which you provided.
  • If newly purchased links are also denied by the publishers, SEO Expert Tool will try to replace them again and again with other links, until he successfully gets all the necessary number of links for you. For example, if you purchased 10 links and 4 of them were not placed, SEO Expert Tool will re-buy those 4 links. If 2 of those 4 new links are not placed again, he’ll re-buy those 2 links again, and so on.
  • If our SEO Expert Tool is unable to find a backlink with the same SB Rank in the same website category, he’ll acquire a backlink with the same category, but with lower SB Rank. He will decrease the SB Rank by 2 points only. For instance, if you have selected SB Rank 6 link, then SEO Expert Tool will look for SB Rank 6, then SB Rank 5, and only then – SB Rank 4.
  • He replaces the link using the parameters of the link you chose. The price can be increased up to 5 times, but he will always make sure to purchase links with lower cost first.
  • If the link above can’t be found, then he will search for the backlink page with the same parameter, but from another country (US, UK, CA, or AU).
  • If our SEO Expert Tool can’t find the backlink page, then he will search in the top-level category, which includes all the categories close to your chosen website category and from the following countries (US, UK, CA, or AU).
  • If the backlink page can’t be found using the parameters listed above, then our SEO Expert Tool will repeat all 4 previous steps and search for the backlink pages in other countries but US, UK, CA, or AU.
  • Our SEO Expert Tool will select the backlinks according to the criteria which you specify at the SEO Campaign start.
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