Learn Why Monthly Paid Links Are 6 Times More Profitable Than Permanent Links in Terms of ROI

May 5, 2013
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Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.
There is one rough but very wise car joke about HYUNDAI and BMW. The difference between these two trades is clear when we consider these brand names as abbreviations. The abb. explanation for HYUNDAI is “Hope You Understand Nothing’s Drivable And Inexpensive”. And for BMW it’s “Big Money Works”. The same rule is applicable for the links matter. The main value of a link which is really appreciated by Search Engines is its Passed PR Weight which is directly dependent on the number of outbound links. This value influences directly on the link’s PageRank. For example the PR1 link PR Weight is 5. The highest PR Weight it can pass to your site is 4,25 if there’re no outbound links on the backlink page; the lowest one (in case when there are 50-100 outbound links on the backlink page) is even less than Liechtenstein on the world map. Have you ever seen Liechtenstein on your map? Not? I’m not surprised, it’s too small. 1. An average price of such a “permanent” link you usually buy is about $1.2. There is no any reason to buy one or ten links alike. You have to purchase 1000 links at the very least to feel the difference. Ok, to be fair let’s say that you buy 1000 links and each of them costs $1.2. Every link passes to your site 0.10 of PR Weight. Why? Because 50, it is an average optimistic amount of outbound links where so-called “permanent” links are usually situated. So, PR Weight of 5/50 links = 0.10 of Passed PR Weight from each link. Let’s see:
$1.2*1000 links = $1200 you pay for 1000 links*0.10 PR Weight = 100 PR Weight
Let’s suppose that at the same time you purchased one link at Our average price for one link varies between $10 and $35. To be fair let’s say that the PR5 link with only 2 outbound links will pass to your site the PR Weight 313. An average price for such a link is about $38. Let’s calculate:
1 link*313 of the Passed PR Weight = $38 per month
2. In 6 months you find out that nearly a half of your “permanent ” links were not as permanent as you thought them to be. You start buying more and more “permanent” links to remain your site PR at the same level. In 6 months your PR5 link on the webpage with only 2 outbound links is still alive and you enjoy the fact that this link is passing all the 313 of its PR Weight to your website. 3. In 10 months you continue buying additional “permanent” links, which vanish one by one day after day. In 10 months your link with the Passed PR Weight of 313 is still alive. 4. Till the end of the year 98% of your links will disappear like a rabbit in a magician’s hat. To remain the same level of the Passed PR Weight you’ll have to pay $1200 in addition:
$1200 + $1200 = $2400 for the same 100 Passed PR Weight per year
Even after 12 months your quality link purchased at LinksManagement is STILL ALIVE. And you see the difference.
$38*12 months = $456 per year for 313 of the Passed PR Weight
So, you don’t just buy links at LinksManagement. You also:
  • save your money;
  • get the opportunity to hit the top of Google ranking;
  • increase significantly your site’s traffic and sales;
  • make sure of the fact that the SEO tool you’ve chosen will work for you.
We guarantee that you won’t overpay a single penny if the backlink page’s PR drops or the amount of outbound links increases, and you will be informed about this in time. Our system re-crawl the webpages database once in two weeks, that’s why our links prices are always fair. Well, we agree that our links are not cheap. But are they worth every dollar you pay for them? Of course they are. And it’s quite evident that PR1-PR7 links we provide are more PROFITABLE in terms of ROI. Do you still have an intention to get to the top by driving something inexpensive? Or is it better to make your money work for you?

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