SEO Leads: 10 Ways to Earn More SEO Clients

Published Mar 26, 2024
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‍Savvy online business owners utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to gain a competitive advantage on the Internet. They require original SEO leads that e­xpand reach and compel additional customers. And flourish, ergo earning extra cash. As a result, any entrepreneur currently selling SEO goods or services should nurture SEO leads.

SEO Leads

‍But this feat isn’t easy. To do it correctly, you have to understand what they are firstly and differentiate between them. There exist cold, warm, and hot leads. So, in turn, after considering this, how do you e­arn more SEO clients? Let’s help to answer this critical question.

Optimize Your Website for Conversions

‍What’s your main goal on your website? To guide your visitors towards a conversion action. A conversion action can be anything from booking a meeting, submitting an application, or subscribing to your newsletter. So you can add as many calls to action as possible and easily fill them out. Creative ways to add them include:

  • a phone number
  • a form to submit
  • a chat with your consultants

‍Any of these forms work. Some visitors might want to talk directly to a consultant. Others won’t be hasty and they’ll wait until you reach them after they submit your application form. In any case, you need to put this contact information on your website. Otherwise, your clients won’t be able to reach you. So, driving traffic will make no sense. It’s one of the highest SEO lead generation strategies.

‍Add other pages. These pages include:

  • Service pages. These contain clear details about what you offer. They sell your business directly.
  • About me page. This page gives an overview of your SEO business. It should have your objectives, value, team of experts, and contact information.
  • Case studies.These articles offer clear examples of your past or present customers who deal with you and like to collaborate with you. You should offer clear and helpful statistics, so be sued by your colleagues, and photos of those using the products and seeing results.
  • Testimonials. Add the clients who agreed to write an affirmation for your business. That must be a direct quote.

‍These pages clearly increase your SEO company’s credibility and bring more leads to your brand.

Utilize SEO to Prioritize Your SEO Keywords

‍Another important method of securing your SEO for business growth is to rank your SEO keywords. These depend on the common uses of your target audiences. You can try different applications, such as Keyword Magic Tool, to find keyword opportunities.

‍These applications commonly use the same algorithms. You should enter at least one keyword that is related to your business. Specify the industry, kind of services, location, etc. The application will show the most valuable and closely related keywords that are used by potential customers. Use those keywords for your landing pages, letters, etc.

Drive Traffic with PPC

‍Your SEO and lead generation simply cannot do without a specific method called pay-per-click or PPC. This method is sometimes even more efficient and faster than SEO. It creates immediate opportunities that convert traffic into leads.

‍This method provides users with content they frequently seek. When they see an exact offer to their search requests, they commonly buy the offered product or service. This method creates hot leads, which are the most effective among other types of leads.

‍You need to use the right tool to generate PPC keywords and combine them with your campaign on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Be sure you’re using really the most popular keywords because you’ll have to pay for every click on the content you offer.

‍You need to set a reasonable budget. Once it runs out, you won’t be able to generate the leads. So, you will have to refund it. You should likewise understand that now all PPCs will convert into hot leads. Don’t grow disappointed if some of them don’t work. Analyze all your keywords regularly to understand which ones are ineffective to replace them with better substitutions.

An additional pro tip: If you want to get more SEO leads from PPC, create targeted landing pages that advertise your business. You should optimize these pages regularly and change specific keywords depending on their popularity. Some landing pages can be reshaped just a little to substitute keywords. Others must be rewritten entirely.

Turn Social Media to Your Advantage

‍You definitely realize the enormous potential of social media. Different platforms can help to generate SEO leads very quickly and thus turn warm leads into hot leads. This method helps to attract new customers. Nonetheless, it’s more aimed at the social media followers who already follow your pages.

SEO Leads

‍They may be aware of your brand but not ready to purchase anything. Thus, you can share expert case studies, useful articles, and similar stuff that enhance the reputation of your brand. Mind that you won’t enjoy immediate outcomes. To get the desired leads, you need to post and share helpful articles regularly to interest your followers in them.

Consider Podcasting

‍Another great opportunity to get SEO clients is podcasting. Here you will have two options. You may either attend a podcast as a guest or stream it yourself. Podcasts can be devoted to your business directly or indirectly. By participating in them, you can showcase your brand and ignite the interest of potential clients.

‍It’s important to be an expert in your niche. You will be invited to podcasts only for that reason because podcast organizers need only professionals who can provide a good piece of advice. Another option is to organize your own podcasts, inviting experienced professionals and offering your recommendations. Podcasts help to generate cold leads and are part of inbound marketing channels.

Attend Events and Conferences

‍How to get clients for SEO? You may attend different events dedicated to your industry. There, you will definitely meet people who are interested in your services. It’s an excellent chance to showcase your brand and find new clients. You can take part in the following events:

  • conferences
  • sponsorships
  • webinars
  • speaking Opportunities
  • meetups, etc.

‍Mind that these events may likewise help to find partners and suppliers.

Create a Lead Magnet

‍One more method of how to find clients for SEO is to create a lead magnet. It’s a free item or resource that is offered to your customers in exchange for contact emails. You should offer something really valuable and useful to your customers to get the information you require. You can use diverse forms:

  • e-books
  • templates
  • case studies
  • research results
  • tutorials
  • white papers
  • some free services, etc.

‍Of course, they are supposed to showcase what you sell as well. Your lead magnets should likewise include:

  • a clear headline which highlights the resource and its value
  • a call to action
  • a simple and clear form that allows one to submit an email.

‍If you create magnet leads frequently, you’ll have additional chances to collect email addresses and thus find potential customers.

Perform Email Outreach

‍Lead magnets help to gather the email addresses of current and potential customers. Once it’s done, you should work on email outreach. This method helps to quickly turn warm SEO leads into hot leads. You only need to send reasonable, helpful, and informative emails regularly.

‍What can these emails offer? These can be different promotions, deals, industry insights, helpful links to related services, and constant on your website. As your main objective is to find more customers, your emails must include calls to action and links to your website. Nevertheless, your inbound marketing emails are supposed to be aimed at being valuable to your subscribers.

SEO Leads

‍Control the frequency of sending your emails. Too many of them may lower the interest in your SEO business. Why can it happen? You may simply annoy your clients because there will be too many emails. So, make sure you don’t overdose them with letters and always send only valuable content.

‍You should likewise take into account outbound marketing tactics. What is it? This method is applied to get the attention of audiences who are unaware of your brand and the services or products it offers. You need to spread the word by sending emails to those people. In this case, of course, you aren’t supposed to sit and wait under the leads that come to you. It’s an automated process.

Make Use of Facebook Ads

‍Another effective option is to use Facebook Ads. These help to generate leads in 2 major ways. These are:

  • Interest-targeting. This approach is aimed at users with specific interests mentioned in their profiles. This option helps to get cold leads. You simply need to relate your SEO services with potentially related industries. These can be business, marketing, advertising, etc.
  • Lookalike audiences. This approach deals with the customers you already have. These belong to the customer base or the ones who subscribed to your emails. So, these are other users who have the same interests or similar interests as your customers. They may be unaware of your brand, but thanks to your customers, they can find the required information and thus become your new customers, too.

‍Mind that you can use both methods simultaneously!

Utilize Cold Email Outreach with Lead Finder

‍Finally, you should apply cold email outreach. It’s a unique process when you send automatic emails to people who belong to your targeted audience but who aren’t yet familiar with your business. You’re supposed to provide potential customers with valuable information that suits their business objectives.

‍You can find potential prospects with different tools, such as Lead Finder. What do they offer? Commonly, these tools offer a smart filter where you can provide information about your SEO business. They scan the Internet to find people who fit your objectives. Check the percentage of probability. The higher it is, the better chance you have to interest those people in what you’re selling.

‍Once you spot them, you only need to create automatic emails with the right keywords. For example, you help to boost the SEO of different websites. Your letters should include the keywords that tell about what you can offer. It may notify them that you have noticed how low the SEO of the website is and offer the help of your company. Mention that your experts can deal with technical SEO and thus increase the SEO of the website of your potential customers.


‍There are multiple ways of increasing the potential of your SEO leads and thus getting more SEO clients. Above, you can see ten great options that really work. You need to optimize the website for conversion, prioritize your keywords, use PPC, social media, Facebook ads, and cold email outreach, as well as try podcasting, attend various events, create a lead magnet, and perform email outreach. These are universal methods that help to get the attention of potential clients and thus convince them to buy your products or services.

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